Product Feature – Tuffy’s Dog Toys

Tuffy's The General Sea Creature's Dog Toy

Tuffys dog toys are not indestructible but they are much more durable than regular plush dog toys.

Sephi and Maya love their plush squeaky dog toys.  The problem is that they chew them up and pull out all the stuffing within a matter of minutes.  A plush dog toy is lucky if it lasts more than ten minutes.

If your dogs are like mine, then you probably hate buying dog toys that won’t last long.  The solution:  get dog toys which are more difficult to tear up.  Sephi and Maya have Kong dog toys, Buster Food Cubes, and Fire Hose dog toys.  But none of these dog toys are plush.  Sephi and Maya like these toys, but they LOVE plush.

One particular brand of dog toys that I like are made by Tuffys.  Tuffys dog toys are plush dog toys but they are made with four layers and sewn with a total of seven seams, making this plush toy far more durable.

I have to admit that Maya was still able to destroy one of these Tuffys dog toys, but it took her several days instead of several minutes.  To minimize her ability to chew her dog toys into pieces, I supervise her when she plays.  If her chewing gets too intense, then I take her dog toys away and give her something else.  Now her Tuffys dog toys last several weeks.  Sephi and Maya’s love for plush dog toys is satisfied and so is my wallet.

As you can see, Tuffys dog toys come in lots of different colors and shapes.

Tuffy's Polly Pig Dog Toy

Tuffy's LIL Oscar Sea Creature's Dog Toy

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4 Responses to “Product Feature – Tuffy’s Dog Toys”

  1. Jessie Says:

    My dogs love Tuffy’s! You’re right, they do last longer than other plush toys but my dogs will tear them up eventually if I let them.

  2. Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor Says:

    Tuffy’s are great and we’ve had good luck with some of the Planet Dog toys. They still need to be watched and the toy tossed, but they do last a pretty good while.

    Hopping by from the Pet Blog Hop!

  3. ILoveDogs Says:

    I got Maya the purple octopus. She still has it, it is still in playable condition, and it still has all eight squeakers (one in each arm).

  4. Great Christmas Toys for Dogs « American Dog Blog Says:

    […] Tuffy’s Dog Toys The smaller star-shaped Tuffy’s dog toy I had bought Maya some time back didn’t last but a few days. But I got her the larger purple octopus a few months ago and she still has it! It has a few hole punctures but the squeaker in the octopus head and all eight squeakers in the arms are still there!!! […]

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