New Website – Information About Wolves

"Song of the North" artwork and short story by Dawn Ross on the Information About Wolves website

American Dog Blog is dedicated to providing information about dogs as well as entertaining with cute dog videos, stories, puzzles, and more.  Only someone who loves dogs could put together such a blog.  But I don’t just love dogs.  I love all animals, including the wolf which is the ancestor of our domesticated happy-go-lucky friends.

Since wolves and dogs are so closely related, I wanted to share a new website that I put together just for the wolf.  Information About Wolves not only has great information about wolves’ habitat, behavior, and hunting tactics, it also has some great images of wolves and artwork of wolves.  And it has a fictional wolf tale.

I hope you enjoy Information About Wolves as much as I enjoyed creating it.  Feel free to share you feedback.


One Response to “New Website – Information About Wolves”

  1. Juliette and Dougie my Westie Says:

    A very moving story…wolves are truly majestic.

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