Max A Pooch the Recycling Dog

Visit for a great Labrador Retriever who loves to pick up litter in the park.  This is a great job for a restless working dog breed (sporting dog who works) and Max really seems to love it.  Not only is Max picking up plastic bottles from the park for recycling, he is also promoting the importance of adopting dogs rather than buying dogs from puppy mills.

(This is something my Labrador Retriever Maya could learn.  However, if I teach her this it is very important that I teach her to pick up plastic bottles only.  Cans and glass bottles can cut her mouth.)


One Response to “Max A Pooch the Recycling Dog”

  1. Keith Sanderson Says:


    Glad to see your comment and link. Your comment about glass is important. Also important is to ignore paper and plastic. Reason? There can be some really nasty stuff.

    He does enjoy this. To him it’s like he is working an area for game. He will either find bottles and cans on his own in brush and grass, or follow my directions to a bottle or can or beverage cup I spot.

    Right now Max is trying to be on a Times Square billboard. He’s currently in the top 5 percent in the About Me contest. If he were to win it would be a great way for the recycled Lab who recycles to draw attention to his message. Please go to and vote for max. Thank you

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