Dog Blisters – Does This Happen to Your Dog’s Feet?

Dog Blisters

Do your dogs get blisters on their feet? My dog Maya gets dog blisters on her feet almost every time we go someplace where there is concrete. Remember the post about Maya getting to swim in a public pool? It happened there too because she was running on the concrete area around the pool.

Did you know that the black pavement of the road can be very hot in warm weather? It can burn your dog’s feet and cause worse dog blisters than the one photographed here. Try walking barefoot on it on a nice sunny day and see for yourself. Thankfully, when testing the white concrete of a sidewalk, it wasn’t hot. White concrete does not absorb heat as much as the black pavement of the road.

But Maya wasn’t walking on black pavement. So why did she get dog blisters on her feet? No worries, the vet said she was fine. He explained that it is happening for the same reason that we get blisters. If we walk around barefoot or wear shoes that we are not used to, we get blisters. But if we get used to walking around barefoot or we get used to wearing those shoes, our feet toughen up and we stop getting the blisters.

See, Maya is a pampered house dog. She walks on carpet and hardwood floors most of the time.  She does go for walks every day and plays around in the soft grassy yard. But she doesn’t run on concrete very often. If we go for walks, she is fine. But if I were to decide to take her running on the sidewalk, she would probably get blisters. She also gets blisters if I take her to the waterfront area of the dog park. The waterfront has concrete and lots of sharp rocks.

Thankfully, the dog blisters heal fairly quickly. According to the vet, no treatment was necessary for Maya. I just needed to keep an eye on her feet to look out for infection. Maya does a good job of keeping her feet clean (vet says it is okay if she licks them). So what can I do to prevent Maya from getting dog blisters on her feet? First, I shouldn’t let Maya overdo it in areas where there are lots of rocks or concrete. Second, while I should cut down the time spent in areas that irritate her feet, I should also take her out more often in order toughen up her feet.

If this happens to your dog, you probably won’t need to be too worried unless the dog blisters are worse than the ones of Maya’s feet photographed above. Talk to your vet if you have any concerns.


8 Responses to “Dog Blisters – Does This Happen to Your Dog’s Feet?”

  1. rumpydog Says:

    Oh Dog! I hadn’t even thought of that. We are also spoiled house dogs that walk daily, but we do so in the morning before it gets hot. But we’ll keep an eye out. Thanks!

  2. SeppyMomma Says:

    Thank you so much for this!! We just recently for the first time took our pampered house lab, who loves the outdoors,but usually sand or grass, for walks on asphalt roads and down to a beach. I noticed she was walking a little off and favoring her back two paws. Thinking she had gotten into sandspurs or glass I inspected her pads when we got home and to my suprise I found these ugly busted blister looking sores. I was so scared and freaking out,because she enjoyed it so much. You have COMPLETELY calmed this puppy momma down. THANK YOU:)

  3. tierneymarie Says:

    I took my puppy on a jog for the first time early this morning and the groomer just called to tell me she has blisters on her front paws! She seemed to think they were heat burns but we went out around 6 am! I was freaking out until I read this. I still feel really bad but at least now I know that it’s not uncommon in house dogs and hopefully with some shorter runs after her paws have healed her pads will grow accustomed to the pavement. Thank you!

  4. Bridgett L Lewis Says:

    I know this post is old, but I just came across it… try Mushers! It is like a “wax” for dog feet that you apply to PROTECT the pads and PREVENT blisters and cracking. It is seriously amazing and I can’t tell dog lovers enough about it. My poor Winston kept getting blisters when hiking and I nearly gave up on this amazing outing until a guy @ the hike store told me he uses Mushers on his dog. You’ll love it. Promise.

  5. Amy Rhodes Says:

    My dogs pads do this every 2/3 months. The only thing in my back yard besides the grass is a patio area. I don’t know why her pads do this but I know it hurts her. She has one now, the weather has been in the 40’s to early 60’s.

    • Nature by Dawn Says:

      Do you use any chemicals or fertilizers in your yard? What about your home, such as when you mop the floor or add carpet deodorizer? Or perhaps your dog has some sort of allergy that makes her feet more sensitive. I have heard of dogs having grass allergies. Does your vet have any ideas?

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