From Mini to Giant, Information on the Schnauzer

Check out our article on Hub Pages on the Schnauzer dog breed. Learn the difference between the three varieties of Schnauzer. There is the Miniature Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer, and the Giant Schnauzer. Although they are very much alike, there are some differences (and not just in size). Also learn the history of the three Schnauzer dog breeds, whether they are good with other pets, children, and strangers. A Schnauzer dog breed needs to be groomed too so our article includes a helpful video.

Please visit our article on Hub Pages titled “The Three Varieties of the Schnauzer Dog Breed“. There are more great pictures and more information on the Schnauzer dog breed than you can throw a stick for!

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3 Responses to “From Mini to Giant, Information on the Schnauzer”

  1. Sunshine Rescue Says:

    I love Schnauzers! My sister has a miniature one. She is spunky, just like your article says… great article by the way. I’ve never heard of hub pages but it looks like a great place to get information.

  2. lylescript Says:

    Greatest dogs ever! Check our little guy:

    • ILoveDogs Says:

      Cute! Thanks for sharing. :0)

      Puppies are adorable and fun but they sure can be a handful at times. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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