Is It Okay for Dogs to Eat Grass?


My Dog Sephi Eating Grass

Do your dogs eat grass? If so, how often? Mine eat grass every day. When they eat grass I call them my little cows (likewise, when they scarf down their food I call them my little piglets). I used to be concerned about it because supposedly whenever a dog eats grass, it means their stomach is upset. However, I have recently learned that this is not always the case.

If your dog doesn’t normally eat grass, then he may very well be eating it because his stomach is upset. But if he eats grass regularly, maybe he just likes the taste or he is instinctively supplementing his diet with fiber.

When the incident with food upsetting Maya’s stomach, the vet said that while it is generally okay for my dogs to eat grass I should keep Maya from eating it while her stomach was in the state that it was. Grass, in her case, may have made her stomach troubles worse because the harsh fibers would cause more irritation.

For more information on what it means when your dog eats grass, check out this article – Dog Behavior – Why Dogs Eat Grass.


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