Taking Your Dog to a Pumpkin Patch

There are lots of things to be concerned about when it comes to dogs and Halloween – keeping dogs away from the Halloween candy, saving your dog from the stress of seeing all the strange scary people in Halloween costumes, and dressing up your dog in a Halloween costume. While everyone is posting about these things, we thought we would try to do something a little different.

My first experience at a pumpkin patch was very enjoyable. I lived in a small town near the country when I was a child but it was nothing like being on a farm. Visiting a pumpkin patch was like visiting a different world. There were lots of animals, fields of pumpkins where I could pretend I was Cinderella, and delicious country food. I think there was even a hay ride!

Last year, I discovered that some pumpkin patches will allow you to bring your pet. If I had known that, I would have taken Maya. Now is my chance! But before I bring her, I need to seriously consider whether it is the right thing to do. How will she behave around children or other dogs? How will Maya behave with the farm animals? Can I be certain that I will be able to control her? Will she be a nuisance for other people?

Considering Maya’s personality, I am fairly certain that she will be fine with the other animals. She had never seen a cat before she went to my mom’s and she approached the cat with intelligent caution. I am hoping she will do the same with livestock and chickens. Sephi is not going to be able to go because I am not certain of how she will react to horses, goats, cows, or chickens. She has seen a horse before and she growled and cowered behind me.

Maya’s harness allows me much greater control of her than a leash would. Her harness wraps around her legs so she is not able to pull with her neck or chest. She may want to act out, but she won’t be able to get far.

The final question, will she be a nuisance? That is not so easy to answer. Maya loves people and will no doubt be very excited about the whole adventure. But after a few minutes she eventually calms down. She is getting better at it as she gets more mature. Perhaps if I take her with me, I will stay at a distance in the beginning then work my way in.

If taking Maya is so much work, why will I even bother to take her in the first place? Because how else will she learn to be a good dog in public if I don’t take her places? And because I know that she will really enjoy the experience.

Hopefully, I will get to visit a pumpkin patch soon. If I do and if I take Maya with me, I will be sure to share it on a Wordless Wednesday. If you take your dog to a pumpkin patch this year, please feel free to share your experience – and some photos too!

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3 Responses to “Taking Your Dog to a Pumpkin Patch”

  1. Juliette and Dougie my Westie Says:

    Well a Pumpkin Patch is sure news to me from the UK!! No I wouldn’t take Dougs, as he’s like your dog Sephi and a bit unsure around kids or other dogs, just wanting human beings attention, probably just like Maya, who just is a big public celeb!! In UK dogs are not even made part of Halloween and personally I get a bit spooked by all those ghouls but instead celebrate at home with homemade pumpkin soup.

  2. maggie Says:

    Which pumpkin patch allows dogs? Thanks!

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