The Pet Commando; A New Way to Promote Animal Welfare

Louis Pollaro with his dog Yoshi is on a mission to rescue abused and neglected animals. As a professional cinematographer, Louis Pollaro films each wonderful animal and its journey from a pitiable existence to a whole new and happy life with a loving family. The web TV series is available on, BlipTV and iTunes.

Documenting the rescue of an animal enlightens people to the realities of animal abuse. It also makes us aware of just how many animals there are that are in need of good homes. Please visit and join the community. Donate to the cause of helping animals, check out some great videos and information, and tell us your story of a rescued dog or cat.

The Pet Commando’s creed should be the creed of all animal lovers:

“I will stop and render help to the helpless lost, abused and abandoned pets.
I will not ignore them or expect someone else to help.
I will take command and do something.”

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