Dog Poo is Not a Fertilizer

Letting your dog leave a pile of poo in your neighbor’s yard is not nice. Not picking it up is even worse. But making an excuse and calling it fertilizer is the worst thing you can do. Not only is it unsanitary and can potentially start a neighborhood feud, it is also wishful thinking to call dog poo a fertilizer.

Unlike cow or horse manure, dog poo is primarily protein-based which also makes it high in nitrogen. Cow or horse manure is low in nitrogen and is vegetation-based so that is why it can be used as a fertilizer. The high nitrogen protein-base of dog poo has the opposite effect. It is harmful to your grass and plants.

Dog poo can also transfer illnesses to people. So be sure to pick up regularly from your yard and always pick it up when your dog leaves their little (or big) gift while you are out and about. Some people use the plastic grocery bags to pick up the dog poo, but you have to worry about holes being in the bag. Some people buy dog poo bags. They come in fashionable colors now too which almost makes picking up dog poo fun. I like to use diaper bags from the dollar store. For a dollar, you get a pack of 100. And they have handles which make it easy to tie up. They are not as big as other dog poo bags but I find that they work well enough for my 55 pound and 60 pound dog.

Remember, dog poo can be unsanitary and it is not fertilizer. So pick up after your dog whether it is in your own yard or around the neighborhood.

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3 Responses to “Dog Poo is Not a Fertilizer”

  1. rumpydog Says:

    I didn’t know about the high nitrogen content. I do know that Jen gets mad when neighbors let their dogs poo in our yard and leave it. She says they could pass on stuff to us.

  2. itsmebuddy Says:

    we agree! We are fortunate to have a mountain near our house! The trails are full of poo! Just because no one is looking is no excuse for messing up the outdoors for others! Thanks! Sometimes it feels good to vent! Happy Blog hopping!

  3. Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner Says:

    When it rains dog poo that is not picked up also washes into our rivers, lakes and streams. It brings with it lots of diseases and pathogens that can make people sick if they swim in the water. Also, in most places, picking up your dog poo, even if it is in your own yard, is the law.

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