Poem for my Sephi

As you may have read in my previous post, my dog Sephi was not doing too well. I am very sad to say that on Wednesday I had to let her go. Her illness was sudden and severe and there was very little chance of recovery. It was hoped that her treatment she received Monday evening would give her some time but it only gave her a half a day where she could at least get up and move around. But she still wouldn’t eat and she only moved around when she had to go potty or get a drink of water. By Tuesday night, she was getting worse again and by Monday it was obvious that she was suffering. Letting her go was very difficult and I miss her terribly. A friend of mine sent me a poem by an anonymous author and I wanted to share that with you here:

A Special Place 

You have a special place, Dear God 
That I know you'll always keep. 
A special place reserved for dogs, 
To peacefully fall asleep. 

A place with fluffy pillows, 
And a yard for hiding bones, 
With maybe a little babbling creek, 
That rushes over stones. 

With wide green fields and flowers, 
For those who never knew 
Of running, playing freely 
Under sky of perfect blue. 

Lord, I know you keep this special place, 
And so, to you I pray 
For one oh so special dog 
Who came to you today. 

She was full of strength and love, 
And so very, very wise. 
The puppy look she once had, 
This morning left her eyes. 

She will be dearly missed, Lord, 
This special love of mine. 
But now, she will romp and play 
In your land that's so divine. 

Speak to my baby softly, please 
With a warm hug and hello. 
She’s a special gift to you, Dear Lord 
From me - who loves her so.

10 Responses to “Poem for my Sephi”

  1. Pet Auto Safety Dog Sephi Has Passed Away | Pet Auto Safety Says:

    […] Read this nice poem about dogs and heaven that this friend of mine sent me. The poem is on my other blog, American Dog Blog. […]

  2. Donna and the Dogs Says:

    I’m so very sorry for you loss. The poem was powerful. I hope your wonderful memories of your companion carry you through this tough time.

  3. kate Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss

  4. rumpydog Says:

    I am also sorry. This is the hard part of loving animals. And yet all the rest makes this worth it. I love your poem. Know that we are all here for you, understanding- not exactly, but pretty darn close- what you’re going through. Much love.

  5. Prudence Says:

    We’re so sorry, Sephi looks like she was a wonderful pup. It’s so hard to let them go. The poem is wonderful. We just found your blog via the Blog Hop. Sorry that we didn’t find you sooner. Sending coonhound {{{hugs}}}.

  6. Leslie Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful girl and I hope you find peace in your memories of your time together.


  7. Flo Says:


  8. Juliette and Dougie my Westie Says:

    That’s a lovely pic of you and Sephi,thanks for the great pics of her you sent me recently, she’ll never be forgotten, God Bless her. Sephi, please keep a place for Dougie my Westie.xxx

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