Great Christmas Toys for Dogs

Maya and her Tuffy's Dog Toy

Christmas is coming and we dog-lovers can’t help but to give gifts to our beloved four-legged family members too. I’ve already gotten my dog Maya some great dog toys. And some of those I couldn’t wait until Christmas to give to her.

Revisit some of our blog posts about dog toys reviews.

Tuffy’s Dog Toys
The smaller star-shaped Tuffy’s dog toy I had bought Maya some time back didn’t last but a few days. But I got her the larger purple octopus a few months ago and she still has it! It has a few hole punctures but the squeaker in the octopus head and all eight squeakers in the arms are still there!!!

Kyjen Puzzle Dog Toys
Maya loves the Kyjen Puzzle dog toys. But she does chew them to pieces if I let her. By only giving her the toys when I am able to supervise, they have lasted a few months.

Bottle Buddy Dog Toys
Maya still hasn’t chewed one up completely. I’ve replaced the plastic bottle inside several times but the plush bottle buddy dog toy is still in decent shape. It shows some obvious chewing and I have washed it a couple times, but otherwise it has easily lasted her several months (with supervised play only).

Kong Dog Toys
The Kong dog toy has lasted years. I loved the classic red Kong so much that I also bought the Kong Flier. There is not a single dent or chew mark on the Kong dog toys even though Maya plays with them all the time.

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2 Responses to “Great Christmas Toys for Dogs”

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  2. Juliette & Dougs Says:

    It is predicted that 60% of dog Christmas presents purchased will be dog toys, closely followed by dog beds and dog collars. Dougs has classic Kong too and Kong flyer for beach days (both great and have really lasted well). I would love to try the Kyjen puzzle toys but as you say, chewing! Dougs loves his Petqwerks babble ball toys which are interactive and thankfully indestructible. I won’t buy squeaker toys anymore for Dougs, unlike Maya, he goes mad straight for that squeaker within 5 mins and has it on the floor where I have to grab it to avoid him possibly swallowing.I have bought soft toys this year, such as a Meerkat and a big bear from a charity shop that helps dog shelters.

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