What Are You Going to do with Your Dog this Holiday Season?

Are you taking your dog with you this holiday season or are you leaving him behind? If you can’t take your pet with you, read our article from our Pet Auto Safety blog titled, “Where Will Your Dog Stay This Holiday Season?” This article considers pet sitters, friends, and boarding kennels.

Please note, if you haven’t thought about who is going to care for your pet this holiday season, it may be too late to hire a pet sitter or make reservations with a boarding kennel. These places are generally fully booked for the holidays weeks or months in advance.

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One Response to “What Are You Going to do with Your Dog this Holiday Season?”

  1. Dog Friendly Gloucestershire Says:

    There is less reason to leave your dog at home during the holidays as more and more places are allowing you to bring your dog on holiday with you.

    There are plenty of dog friendly hotels in the uk, and some fantastic places to visit.

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