The Benefit of Supporting Your Local Pet-Related Businesses


Maya wearing her summer-fun dress

There are a lot of great pet products on the market. But how many of them are truly unique? If you are interested in hand-crafted, quality, unique items, consider purchasing from your local pet-related businesses.

I got this cute one-of-a-kind dress for my dog Maya from a local business called Bow Wow Wow Pet Gifts. The owner of this business is two sisters who make their own dog clothes, scarves, and other pet accessories. Since they make the items themselves, they can guarantee that anything you buy from them will be truly unique.

My dog Maya is a light yellow Labrador Retriever. I always thought she would look good in a lavender collar. But lavender is a very difficult color to find in a dog collar. I often find purple or pink, but seldom lavender. So what is the solution? Get a hand-crafted collar. Daisy Diva Designs is a local business owned by a woman named Sarah. She makes the dog collars herself with cloth, plastic collar buckles, and metal hardware for id tags. Because the dog collars are made from cloth, she can make a dog collar any color or design. You can see Maya’s lavender collar in this photo of her playing basketball.

These are just a few of the local businesses I have found in my area. Not only am I supporting my local area, I am getting unique hand-crafted products which are sometimes better made than the commercially made ones. Do you have any entrepreneurs in your area who make their own pet products?

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One Response to “The Benefit of Supporting Your Local Pet-Related Businesses”

  1. Hawk aka BrownDog Says:

    Hi Y’all,

    Yep, always good to support as many local businesses as possible.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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