How To Greet a Dog and Teach Your Dog to Properly Greet


This is not how to greet a dog you just met.


We are tempted to greet strange dogs the same way we greet our own – with a high pitched voice, petting on the head, or even hugging. But if a dog doesn’t know you, he may react negatively to such a greet. The high pitched voice can be threatening, as could reaching for his head or hugging him. Children, especially, need to know how to properly greet a dog.

We found this great and informative article on Hub Pages titled “How to Meet a Dog“. Not only does the article go over the proper way to greet a dog, it also tells you how you can help your dog learn to properly greet people. My dog Maya gets super excited when she meets someone new. And as a result, she can be a bit difficult to handle and very intimidating to someone who doesn’t know dogs very well. The information I learned on the article, “How to Meet a Dog” has been very helpful.

Check out Hub Pages for the article “How to Meet a Dog” and other great articles. Hub Pages has a great community of pet lovers who share their expertise on dogs and other animals.

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One Response to “How To Greet a Dog and Teach Your Dog to Properly Greet”

  1. Juliette and Dougie my Westie Says:

    You are so right about children, I have seen so many parents let their kids do all sorts to strange dogs. For their safety they have to be taught manners.

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