Blue Pearl Emergency Pet and a Pet First Aid Booklet

Blue Pearl is an emergency pet hospital with 24 locations in the United States. We hate to think about pet emergencies, but they unfortunately do happen. To handle a pet emergency it is good to have a pet first aid booklet and emergency kit available. And you should know where your nearest emergency pet hospital is located.

Thankfully, I have a pet first aid booklet from Blue Pearl and a Blue Pearl emergency pet hospital within 45 minutes of where I live. Sad to say, I have had to visit the emergency pet hospital twice in the past couple of months. Although the pet emergency was stressful, the doctors helped me feel confident in their services. They were very knowledgeable and spoke to me with compassion regarding the pet emergency care choices for my dogs. Even though my dog Persephone (Sephi for short) passed away, I am confident in the care that she had been given at Blue Pearl. Pierson was the next dog I took to the Blue Pearl emergency pet hospital and he too received great care. He is doing much better now after his emergency.

The first aid booklet I have is from Blue Pearl. It covers symptoms which indicate a pet emergency as well as some first aid action that can be taken just before you go to the emergency pet hospital. Emergency first aid covered in this booklet includes poisonings, diarrhea, seizures, a skunk recipe, and so much more.

Blue Pearl emergency pet hospital has locations in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Tennessee, and Virginia. If you live in any of these states, visit and ask them for a pet first aid booklet.

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