PFF – Pet Friends Forever

My Dogs Maya & Pierson

Do your pets love each other? Are they best buds? Do they enjoy each other’s company? Share your photos with us by emailing them to or by posting them on our Facebook page at

My dogs get along great. Sephi and Maya weren’t that close, but they got along okay. Their relationship was like sisters in that Sephi was the bossy older sister and Maya was the tag-along. Maya and Pierson’s relationship, however, is much closer. They are the perfect playmates. Both love to play and so both play all the time. It is fun watching them wrestle and they make me laugh when they steal each other’s toys. Sometimes they snuggle together, but not often because Pierson tends to get too hot too easily.

Be sure to tell us about your pets this Valentine’s Day!

My Dogs Sephi & Maya

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