Fun Dog Puzzle – Dog Breeds & Colors

Fun Dog Puzzle

Dog Breeds & Colors

Do you know which AKC dog breeds primarily come in one color? See if you can list five dog breeds in each of the following categories.

  • Reddish – Name five reddish dog breeds. The red may have some white but no other color.
  • Black – Name five solid black dog breeds. The black may have gray or salt & pepper.
  • Black & Tan – Name five black and tan dog breeds. Remember, only list dog breeds which only come in black and tan and not any other color.
  • White – Name five white dog breeds. The white may include some small and light-colored markings or be an off-white color such as cream.

This is a challenge. I don’t think I named five in each category so I may have made a few exceptions on the rules. I will post my answers on February 28th. Let’s see what you can find!


One Response to “Fun Dog Puzzle – Dog Breeds & Colors”

  1. Juliette and Dougie my white Westie Says:

    Well I’ll have a go but I don’t think I’ll be good at this,oh and I’ll just do what I can – five no way!
    1. Red -Red Setter,King Charles/Springer Spaniel,Dachshund
    2.Black – Black Labrador, Chow,Scottie
    3.Black & Tan – Beagle, Jack Russell
    4. White – Samoyed,Westie,Terrier,Eskimo

    Not easy! Especially being from UK and not familiar with American breeds too well.

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