What My Dogs Mean to Me

Dogs are a big responsibility. There is so much you have to do for their care whether it be spending time or money. But all the benefits I get in return more than make up for it. Below is a list of all the things I do for my dogs. Below that is a list of what my dogs mean to me. Compare it to your own list and tell us what your dogs mean to you.

Caring for My Dogs
(Listed in order of frequency – most frequent to least frequent)

  1. Making sure they have plenty of fresh water
  2. Getting their food ready
  3. Brushing teeth
  4. Picking up poop (Used to be a weekly chore, now it is daily.)
  5. Playing
  6. Walking
  7. Training
  8. Brushing their coats
  9. Cleaning up hair from the floors
  10. Clipping toenails
  11. Mopping up muddy paw prints
  12. Stocking up on food and treats
  13. Buying toys
  14. Applying flea prevention
  15. Giving Heartguard
  16. Giving baths
  17. Veterinary visits
  18. Getting vaccines
  19. Did I forget anything?

Enjoying My Dogs

  1. De-stress – If I get a little frustrated or stressed out, it really helps me to pet the dogs. I also love to give them belly rubs. Seeing the pure ecstasy on their faces makes me smile and helps me to forget my worries. When I come home from a long day at work, all my worries melt away at the wagging tails and happy doggy grins.
  2. Boost self-esteem – My childhood dog Cassie really helped me with this one. If kids made fun of me or my parents were mad at me, Cassie always made me feel special. Dogs are really good at making you feel like you are the most important person in the world.
  3. Make me laugh – When Sephi did her cute talking, when Maya starts dancing around with one of her toys, or when Pierson makes his funny growl and jumps around, I can’t help but to smile or laugh. Laughing is an everyday thing in this household and studies have shown that people who laugh the most live longer healthier lives.
  4. Fun to play with – My dogs love to play. Watching them have fun brings a smile to my face. I love it when they fetch a ball with great enthusiasm or get excited over a fun wrestling match.
  5. Relaxing – There is nothing more relaxing than cuddling with a dog. Maya is really great at this.
  6. Comfort when I am sad – Sephi used to bring me her toys whenever I was sad or stressed. I suppose she thought that since they made her happy, they would make me happy. Well, they did make me smile. Maya likes to cuddle if I am sad. I’m not sure what Pierson would do yet.
  7. Positive outlook – Maya is scared of nothing and excited about everything. The joy she gets out of the simplest things has rubbed off on me. Being positive rather than pessimistic has also shown to be healthier for people.
  8. Stay healthy with regular exercise – I hate most routine exercises. But I love taking the dogs for a walk. If it wasn’t for the dogs, I would be an unhealthy couch potato.
  9. Anti-depressant – There was a time in my life when I just didn’t want to get out of bed. I wanted to hide under the covers and dwell on the sadness. But my dogs wouldn’t let me do it. Because of them, I had to get up and feed them, I had to take them for a walk, and so on. While at the time, it seemed like a terrible chore. But because of them, my depression never got too severe.

My dogs are mostly very well-behaved, but they do have their moments. When Maya gets excited and pulls on her leash, Pierson chews something he is not supposed to, or the dogs run around in the mud outside, I admittedly get a little frustrated. But the frustration is momentary. The long moments of cuddling, the enjoyable walk, or the fun of watching them wrestle with each other happens every day and lasts a lot longer than the occasional mishaps

Tell us what special qualities your dog has What does your dog mean to you?

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2 Responses to “What My Dogs Mean to Me”

  1. raisingdaisy Says:

    So true – great post! 🙂

  2. Juliette and Dougie my white Westie Says:

    Lovely photos of you and the dogs, yes Dougie brings me his toys too if I’m upset, licks my toes, nudges me and looks soulfully at me! Purpose in life, yes, they maintain all that, however bad you’re feeling. Just couldn’t imagine life without mine.

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