My Favorite Talking Dog Videos

Does your dog talk to you in a way? My childhood dog Cassie would bark on command. Sephi would do a funny growl kind of talk when she was excited. Pierson does a sing-song kind of rumble. But the talking dogs in these videos take it to a whole new level. Watch, laugh, then tell us about your talking dog.

These Huskies really have a conversation:

I love the videos of Dexter’s Ruff Life. This video mostly features Peppermint but Dexter’s in there too.

This is my all-time favorite talking dog video.

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2 Responses to “My Favorite Talking Dog Videos”

  1. Mary, Roxy and Torrey Says:

    I have the funniest video of Roxy talking. She is a talkative, not barking, dog.

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