Wordless Wednesday – Sleeping Study of Dogs

Even though I take my dogs for a walk nearly every day and we spend some time either playing in the yard or in the house, I still find that they spend most of their time sleeping. Oftentimes I find them sleeping in the most awkward positions. And they are so sound asleep that they hardly notice I am taking a photo. Tell us about your dog’s weirdest sleeping positions.

Maya sleeping on the chair.

Maya Sleeping Soundly

Big Maya curled up in Sephi’s little bed.

Maya really loves to sleep on her back.

Maya really really loves to sleep on her back.

Pierson likes to sleep on his back too. He generally does it when he is against a wall.

But not always.

Pierson’s not sleeping in this one but he does sleep like this with his back legs out like a frog.

Here is my mom’s dog, Rocky, sound asleep in bed – pillow and all.

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2 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Sleeping Study of Dogs”

  1. Mary, Roxy and Torrey Says:

    Torrey sleeps on her back with one paw straight up in the air. Roxy just snuggles into the pillows on the couch.

  2. Hawk (@browndogcbr) Says:

    Hi Y’all,

    Just hoppin’ by to see how your week is going. Hope it’s great! Wishin’ y’all a great first summer day and a wonderful summer!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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