The Best Flea Treatment

Nearly all Dog owners have to deal with fleas at some time or another. And the reality is that they can be a relatively expensive problem to deal with. We need to buy medications on a regular basis, and we need to normally apply them to our pets skin, which can be problematic.

The great news is that there is now a fairly new product on the market that makes flea prevention and treatment about as simple as it could possibly be. Comfortis is becoming extrememly popular very quickly as it has a number of benefits over all other options we may have used in the past.

Why Buy Comfortis

This is a simple tablet that we give with food to our pets. We can either give it orally, or mixed in with food. The tasty beef flavor ensures they will devour it in seconds, and this certainly makes life a little bit easier.

Here is a quick check-list of the benefits:

  • Easy to chew beef flavor tablet
  • Gets to work in 30 minutes
  • Kills fleas before they can lay eggs
  • Eliminates fleas in 4 hours
  • Month long protection

As we can see it is a very effective product.

The Only Month Long Flea Treatment Tablet

Comfortis for Dogs is the only orally ingested tablet that give protection against fleas for a whole month. All other options that protect for this long are applied externally to the skin.

It allows owners to protect their pets without going through the trouble of applying chemicals to their Dogs. It also means that we no longer have to have that greasy patch on our pets coats where we apply the solutions.


Comfortis for Dogs is actually a very competitive flea medication. The Comfortis price holds up well to all other brands and the fact is that it is actually a faster working treatment than the externally applied options.

Buying for the best price is going to mean buying online, prices are much lower than at the vets. At Tato Chip we make it our aim to find the best suppliers so this is certainly a very good place to start.

But always be sure to compare prices from suppliers that you have faith in, often you can find very good price by doing a little extra research.


If you want a very fast acting flea treatment that prevents re-infestations for a whole month then we really do recommend Comfortis. It is cheap to buy, easy to administer, and a nice tasty treat for the Dogs too.

Guest blog from Karen at Tato Chip. Karen writes about many different pet meds at the TatoChip site. She also gets plenty of help from her two companions, Tato the Cat and Chip the Dog.

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One Response to “The Best Flea Treatment”

  1. Panama Says:

    Two other dogs in the household had upset stomachs and were unable to eat. This means that four out of six dogs that were given Comfortis became sick from it, and one of them died.

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