Lacey’s Barkery Dog Treats Review

We have been given the opportunity to try some homemade dog treats by Lacey’s Barkery. Lacey is a beautiful Boxer whose family was concerned about how most dog treats in stores are made in China and not regulated by the animal FDA. With all the recent scares about dogs getting sick and even dying from such pet food, Lacey’s family was inspired to make their own dog treats.

Here is what my dogs Maya & Pierson thought of the peanut butter bacon dog treats… “Delicious! I will do anything for these treats.”

They really are delicious. I tried them for myself. Hey, I’m not about to feed something to my dogs that I am not willing to eat. The treats are chewy instead of crunchy. Me personally, I prefer my dogs to eat crunchy because it is less likely to get stuck in their teeth. But that doesn’t take away from the flavor. Besides, if you have an older dog with bad teeth, softer may be best.

We only had the opportunity to try the peanut butter bacon dog treats. But Lacey’s Barkery has other great dog treats too. They have oat treats made with banana, blueberry, sweet potato, carrot, or carob. And they also have dehydrated sweet potato, banana, or apple treats. These dehydrated treats are organic.

Another great thing about these treats, if you use certain promo codes indicated on their site then 10% of your purchase will be donated to an animal charity. So check out Lacey’s Barkery and give them a try!

We were not paid for this review.

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