Review of the Adaptil Dog Collar for Pierson

Adaptil, D.A.P (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Collar for Medium to Large Dogs - 27.6"

Adaptil makes a collar which helps to reduce stress in dogs. This stress can be related to travel, loud noises like thunder, and new surroundings. It works by releasing a laboratory created pheromone which is based on the pheromone released by nursing mother dogs. So a puppy with his mother is less likely to experience anxiety due to not only the mother’s presence but also the pheromones she releases. Can a synthetic pheromone work when mom is no longer around?

I’ve heard the Adaptil collar helps many dogs be more relaxed and comfortable but may not help all. Well, I think my dog is one of the ones it did not help. Pierson is an Australian Shepherd / Border Collie mix. He is a fantastic dog – smart, lovable, and mostly well-behaved. I’ve had him for about 8 months now. He came with several issues. But over that 8 month period, most of those issues have been worked out. The one that hasn’t is his aggression towards other dogs. He walks well on a leash until he sees another dog where he gets all worked up and goes crazy.

I had hoped Pierson’s situation was similar enough to the other stressful situations Adaptil says it helps. The synthetic pheromone helps reduce anxiety in dogs with loud thunder and noises, so why not the anxiety produced by being around other dogs?

The package did not specifically state it would help with this type of situation, so obviously there is more involved with Pierson’s behavior than just simple stress. Perhaps it is the natural suspicion of his breed mix. Or he probably wasn’t socialized when he was a pup (before I got him). Or maybe he had a bad experience with other dogs as a stray.

Despite my lack of success with the Adaptil, I’ve heard too many positive stories to dismiss it. Perhaps it works better in the specific situations it describes – loud noises, traveling, new surroundings. The product is not that expensive so if you have an anxious dog, it is worth a try.

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