More Indestructible Dog Toys

Pierson is playing with the Nobbly Wobbly.

Ever since I got Pierson, I’ve gone through more dog toys. Nothing annoys me more than buying a $10-$15 toy only to have it torn to shreds within a day. And since Pierson is still young, his chewing is worse than Sephi’s ever was and worse than Maya’s.

I’ve talked about the Kong in the past as well as the Kyjen Firehose dog toy, Tuffy’s, and the Buster Food Cube back in December 2010 – HERE. But now I want to share some new dog toys that I have found for my chewing dog Pierson:

The Squido is very similar to the Kong Wubba but cheaper. Although it did eventually get the material chewed off, it took Pierson two months of periodic chewing to do it. Keep in mind that Pierson did not chew on this toy every single day. He has several other toys to chew on.

Nobbly Wobbly
This one is a cute toy. It took Pierson four months of periodic chewing to break the Nobbly Wobbly. He only broke one of the pieces so I took it out and threw that piece away. But once that one piece was broken out, it didn’t take long for him to chew the other pieces. Still, four months is a long time so I felt like this was worth the money spent.

Busy Buddy Premier Chuckle
This is a great toy because you can put food treats in it. Pierson has not so much as dented this toy. He will chew on it for hours until he gets the treats out. I bet the Busy Buddy is as strong as the Kong. But it has a different shape and it is a different color. Busy Buddy has a bunch of other shaped toys to chew from but purple appears to be the common color (whereas the Kong’s common color is red).

I’ve also talked about the Bottle Buddy dog toys. These tended to last a while with Sephi and Maya but Pierson chewed his up within a week. It wasn’t just the bottle inside he destroyed, it was the doggy and piggy casing too.

I have to mention the Tuffy’s dog toy once again. Pierson finally managed to chew the stuffing out of the center of the Tuffy’s Octopus. But it still has the stuffing in its arms and all eight arms still have the squeaker. Pierson also has the Tuffy’s Gear. He has had it for at least six month now, perhaps longer since I think I bought it for him when I brought him home for the first time in January. And the Tuffy’s Gear is still completely intact. As far as plush dog toys goes, I will never ever again get anything but Tuffy’s.

Pierson’s Tuffy’s Gear dog toy.

If you are looking for some indestructible dog toys, be sure to check out the Tuffy’s and others. My dogs are well-entertained with these toys and I save money. Keep in mind, though, that each dog is different. Some dogs can chew through anything!

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12 Responses to “More Indestructible Dog Toys”

  1. catchatcaren Says:

    in my opinion KONG is the BEST! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • Dawn Says:

      Kongs are awesome, although my dogs tend to be drawn towards the toys with material on them. What fun is a chew toy that you can’t chew? 😀

  2. Long Life Cats and Dogs Says:

    Wish all these options had been available when I first got Litchi (who chewed through everything until I finally found a kong). I love the kongs but it would have been nice to have some variety.

    • Dawn Says:

      I think some companies are getting better about trying to make indestructible dog toys. But the Kong was the first to really do it right. They are trying to get more variety now too with things like the Kong Flyer, Kong Wubba, and Kong Goodie Bone.

  3. heyitsjethere Says:

    Hey Pierson, Hey Sephi, Hey Maya, Jet here. Hi Miss Dawn.

    Great help for JJ, Little Miss Chewminator! She went through her tuffy in 2 weeks! We may have to give her another chance since that was during her first month with us and she’s much more settled now.

    Pierson, Mom asked me to share that you are gorgeous… what heritage do you descend from?

    • Dawn Says:

      Thanks Jet! 🙂 I’m not sure what it is about that Gear Tuffy’s but it has lasted a lot longer than any other Tuffy’s shape. Two weeks isn’t that bad for a plush chew toy, especially when you compare it to 2 hours which is how long the plush toys usually last around here. BTW, Pierson says he is a purebred cutieboy shepherd. 😀 JK. He may be an Australian Shepherd and/or Border Collie mix.

  4. Lyvonne (letsbepets) Says:

    Visiting late from Wed’s blog hop. TY for the great post. Product reviews and recommendations are always great to read!

  5. Poochie Project Says:

    See Relay has made his way through three Tuff toys, levels 8, 9, and 10. I suppose I should be proud at his destructive abilities.

  6. kirbysdawgblog Says:

    Maya’s dress is soo adorable, she looks like a little country housewife from the 1950’s. XD

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