Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Photos from Dogtoberfest

Sadly, I did not take many photos at Dogtoberfest this year. I was distracted. I was initially distracted by Maya and Pierson. I know Pierson doesn’t care for other dogs much but he did so well at The Dog House around other dogs that I decided to see how he would do at Dogtoberfest. It did not go well at all. He tried to go after every single dog that went by. This, in turn, made Maya go crazy too. So I had my husband take Pierson home. After that, Maya calmed down. The second thing I was distracted by was the cool weather. I was freezing! Thankfully, we still had a lot of visitors to Dogtoberfest despite the cold.

Lots of visitors, and this is just near the entrance of the event.

I met a lot of people and a lot of dogs. But dumb me didn’t think to take pictures of all the cute dogs until I saw the biggest dog I have ever seen… this Irish Wolfhound. He was twice as tall as my Maya! And so sweet.

You can’t really tell how big the Irish Wolfhound is in this picture but standing, he stands twice as tall as my Maya in the foreground.

Since I didn’t get that many photos, I asked Jim Sovanski with Sovanski Photography, who also had a booth at Dogtoberfest, if he would lend me some of the photos he took. So here you go!

The beautiful Collie is all dressed up for Dogtoberfest.

Look at Titan, the beautiful Mastiff. He had fun at Dogtoberfest too.


It wasn’t just people checking out all the pet vendors at Dogtoberfest, it was the dogs too.

People didn’t just go to Dogtoberfest to shop for pet stuff, they went to watch dog agility, disc dogs, pet trick and costume contests, and to meet other dogs. Some dogs, but not this one, were there for adoption.


If I’m not mistaken, these cute guys are named Stomp and McKenzie. Adorable, right?

All-in-all, it was a great day. The day eventually warmed up and everyone was great. And Maya helped me with a short presentation on why keeping your pet safe in the car is so important. Do you have any fun pet events in your home town?

For more photos from Dogtoberfest, check out our Pet Auto Safety Blog and also join the Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

By the way, if you liked Jim Sovanski’s Photography, check out what else he does:

Get a collage of your pet from Sovanski Photography.

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8 Responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Photos from Dogtoberfest”

  1. Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom Says:

    What a great event and perfect to have in the fall!

  2. catchatcaren Says:

    Love the Collie!

  3. Joanne Says:

    The Collie wins the Dogtoberfest prize in my book!

  4. heyitsjethere Says:

    Hey Maya, Hey Pierson, Jet here. Hi Miss Dawn.

    Wow, what a great event. There’s a rumor floating around today that we may get a small dose of autumn weather over the next few days. That could mean 70+ degrees! whoo hoo! Nothing like your cold, but, I’ll take what I can get!

    Please thank Sovanski Photography for sharing such beautiful photos. Miss Dawn, that was a really smart idea!

    • Dawn Says:

      Thanks Jet! We are only just now experiencing cold. Last week was in the 50s but before that in the 80s and this week is going to be all 70s. Kansas can’t make up its mind. 🙂

  5. lifewithbeagle (@lifewithbeagle) Says:

    Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    Christie from

  6. FleaByte Says:

    Oh my dog. Gorgeous creatures. Thanks for borrowing photos for us! I love the mastiff.

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