Wonderful Gifts from Purina Dog Chow and Nutro Natural Choice

Maya & Pierson Love Their Gifts.

I have received three promotional gifts within the past thirty days. I’m not sure if the gifts were intended to be an exchange for a review on my blog, or whether they were just simply given because I followed these companies on Twitter and Facebook. Well, since I have a blog, I’m going to go ahead and share these companies with you – Purina & Nutro.

Gifts from Purina Dog Chow
A week or so ago, I received a dog water bowl from Purina Dog Chow. It’s great and I already used it when I took Pierson with me to hang out in downtown Lawrence. Yesterday, I received another great gift from Purina – a really cool dog back pack. It is a little small for Maya because the straps won’t fit around her big chest, but it is perfect for Pierson. Now both Maya and Pierson have a back pack.

Pierson Poses with his Perfectly Proportionate Purina Pack.

I’m sure these gifts were given in hopes that I would give a good review. But considering the first four ingredients of Purina Dog Chow, I will not be able to give it. But let me be honest, I’ve had dogs in the past who ate nothing but Purina for their entire lives and they were not unhealthy because of it. And let me be honest again, there were times when I couldn’t afford better food for either myself or my pets. Does that make be a bad dog owner? I did the best I could for myself and for them. I’ve heard people say that if you can’t afford to properly care for your dog, then you shouldn’t have one. But I’ve also heard people criticize others for giving up their pets for that very reason. It can’t be both ways.

With that being said, even though Purina does not have the highest quality ingredients it does meet AAFCO standards. Through my own experience, many dogs will do just fine eating this food. But now that I am educated in pet health it is not my first choice. If times get tough, though, I’d rather get this relatively inexpensive dog food than give up my dogs.

Since I have learned so much about the ingredients of dog food, I think Purina needs to seriously reconsider their dog food ingredients. By-products are far from ideal. Corn is not an ideal ingredient either and should not be the first and most prominent ingredient. So what are the ideal ingredients? I do not feel that I am knowledgeable enough to give you that information. But I have learned that a meat listed with the word meal is better than a meat by-product. And meat it should be listed at least as one of the top three ingredients, if not the very first ingredient. For example, chicken meal instead of chicken by-product.

Gift from Nutro Natural Choice
So what dog food are my dogs eating now? They are trying several brands. Nutro is what they are eating now. I was first introduced to it when I got my dog Pierson. The very same day that I rescued him from the park, I took him to the Pawsh Wash to get rid of his fleas and ticks. They suggested Nutro Natural Choice because of its high protein content and essential vitamins, something Pierson needed greatly since he had been living as a stray for so long.

Nutro recently gave me Nutro dog treats, something my dogs hadn’t tried yet. As I look at the ingredients of the Large Breed All Natural Biscuits, I see lamb listed as the very first ingredient. Whole brown rice is the second. There is no corn and no by-product meats listed in the ingredients at all. And, of course, my dogs love them.

Nutro Natural Choice also gave me tartar control dog treats. As a stray, Pierson’s teeth are not in as good of shape as Maya’s. Pierson is younger, but his teeth are worse. I brush his teeth daily and improvements have been made. But perhaps these tartar control treats can help as well. Both Maya & Pierson love the taste of these treats too. And the ingredients are just as healthy as Nutro’s large breed treats.

Thank you, Purina and Nutro for the wonderful gifts. We love them! I’m sorry, Purina that we couldn’t give a great review for your food. But if you sell those back packs, we will be more than happy to promote them – the dog water dish as well. Perhaps as more people are educated about healthy dog food, you will come to realize that changing your ingredients are in both your best interest and in the best interest of pets everywhere. We look forward to your improvements and will be happy to try your product again when those improvements are made.

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3 Responses to “Wonderful Gifts from Purina Dog Chow and Nutro Natural Choice”

  1. Long Life Cats and Dogs Says:

    The perfect kind of review – honest. I do agree with you on the preference to less expensive food rather than giving up on an animal. How many people are now finding themselves unable to afford the best for the pets, when previously they could. I would hate to think of them being given up, rather than having to survive on less than perfect food for a while. Circumstances can change but you cannot replace your relationship with your pet.

  2. FleaByte Says:

    Good reviews. I’m still learning about dog foods, so it was kind of you to talk about the difference between meal and by-products. Thank you. That said, would you be willing to do another product review, this time, being asked? All natural, made in the USA. Let me know?

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