Wordless Wednesday – My Favorite Pet Pics Collection

Welcome to the Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite pet pics of Maya & Pierson. All of these have been taken within the past year but I don’t think I have shared them with you before.

Pierson, my little frog dog. I love how his legs stick out behind him when he lies down.

“In the old country, we didn’t have those fancy-schmancy dog toys.”

This pic was a little blurry so I didn’t share it before.

I did share this photo before, but I couldn’t resist sharing the photo of Pierson’s cute fuzzy spotted feet again.

Maya loves to play Basketball, although she has her own version of the game. 🙂

Three-Way Tug-of-War!

Maya gets really creative with her sleeping positions.

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24 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – My Favorite Pet Pics Collection”

  1. Long Life Cats and Dogs Says:

    I love froggy dogs – they’re so cute when they do that. Love the spotty feet and sleeping position also.

  2. catchatcaren Says:

    cute babies!

  3. heyitsjethere Says:

    Hey Pierson, Hey Maya, Jet here. Hi Miss Dawn.

    Great shots. Little Miss Frog Legs at Casa Jet, does the same thingie, which makes us laugh, too! Love the “old country” great babushkas!

  4. Roxy (@RoxyTrvlingDog) Says:

    Roxy does that legs stretched behind thing too. I call it her bear rug

  5. Clowie Says:

    That first picture made me laugh!

  6. Maggie Cooper Says:

    Great photos, great fun loving dogs! Makes me want to join in! Wagging Wordless Wednesday!

  7. sarahhosick Says:

    Haha! I love the babushkas!

  8. Will and Eko Says:

    Awesome photos – thanks for sharing. They are all great, but I don’t think anything can top the babuskas!

  9. tilda2 Says:

    We love the pictures!

  10. Fluffy Tufts Says:

    Great photos! Looks like you all have a lot of fun at your house! 🙂

  11. snoopys@snoopysdogblog Says:

    Great pics!!

    You guys look funny when you play dress up!!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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