Holiday Traveling with Pets – Packing for the Trip

Sephi and Maya asleep in the back seat of the car on one of our road trips to Texas.

Are you going out of town this holiday season? Are you taking your pets with you? Don’t forget all the important things your pet needs for the trip.

– Leash, if your pet is a dog
– Collar with tags (make sure tags are up to date; have tags even if your pet is microchipped)
– Water
– Pet food
– Pet food & water bowls
Pet waste bags for dogs/ litter and litter box for cats
– Pet blanket or bed
– Veterinary information (including vet contact info and vaccine information)
– Pet First Aid Booklet (we have one from Blue Pearl)
– Pet toys (optional)
Dog car harness, pet travel crate, or pet car seat if traveling by car
– Airline approved pet travel crate if traveling by airplane
– Meds (if applicable)

If your pet tends to get nervous during travel or get car sick, ask your vet if there is anything you can give them for the trip. I am trying a product called Travel Calm since Pierson is known to get car sick. I am hoping the Travel calm will also help keep Maya from getting so excitable as she tends to do when she rides in the car.

If your trip is a long one, be sure you pick up your dog’s poo at rest stops or anywhere else you stop. Take plenty of rest stops, especially if you have a hyper pet like my Maya. We are driving from Kansas to Texas this Thanksgiving. Check out our other blog,, for what we are doing to prep for such a long road trip.

Where are you going for the holidays? Is there anything that you bring for your pet that I might have forgotten to list?

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One Response to “Holiday Traveling with Pets – Packing for the Trip”

  1. FleaByte Says:

    Ooo! Great list! We’re not traveling, so the babies will be home, protecting the house, while we pop up the road for dinner. This is awesome, though. Thanks!

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