Opposites Attract – Two Different Dogs But Both Very Special

Maya & Pierson Sleeping (small)

Maya & Pierson would be like two peas in a pod if they weren’t so different. Some days I wonder if they are in love and other days I wonder if Maya sees Pierson more as a pesky little brother than her best friend. But they are a lot more compatible than Maya and Sephi ever were.

The obvious differences between Maya and Pierson are:

  • Maya is a girl; Pierson is a boy.
  • Maya is light in color; Pierson is dark in color. (This makes it very difficult to wear clothing that doesn’t show dog hair.)
  • Maya has short hair; Pierson has long hair.
  • Maya loves everybody and every dog; Pierson is shy of people and hates other dogs (except Maya).
  • Maya scares people away with her size and exuberance; Pierson attracts people because he is so pretty.

Two Peas in a Pod 003

Training Differences
There are differences in training too. Both have a very high food drive so it is relatively easy to train them. But Maya gets so excited that she doesn’t focus very well. But sometimes training her is easier than training Pierson and sometimes it is the opposite. Take the jumping through the hula-hoop, for instance. Maya caught on right away, although she does tend to jump onto the hoop so it is around her belly rather than through it. But Pierson took longer because he was afraid of the hoop. It took me 4 days to teach him rollover but 4 weeks to jump through the hula-hoop!

Crate Training
Crate training Maya was super-easy. It was so so easy that I couldn’t believe my luck. Especially considering that Maya was the first dog I had ever crate trained. There was one night of a little tiny bit of whining and that was it. But Pierson was the opposite. He was actually quiet the first night because he was so unsure of his surroundings. But he went insane on the second night. He broke out of his pet crate! In fact, I believe the severe bloody nose he had on his third day in his new home was caused by him escaping his pet crate. His nose didn’t bleed immediately after the incident but something about the next day burst the blood vessel and had me rushing him to the emergency vet. I decided not to crate train him since I am home almost all day, he is potty trained, and he quickly outgrew the need to chew on stuff that wasn’t his.

Potty Training
While Maya was easy to crate train, I had a very difficult time potty training her. I’ve had dogs my entire life and have never had a dog give me this much trouble with potty training before. Pierson, on the other hand, only went to the bathroom in the house once. It happened about a month or two after I got him and it was his first time in our basement. There must have been some smell down there that enticed him.

Yep, Maya and Pierson are very different. But they are both very special. I love each of them because of, and in spite of, their differences. If you had a dog then got another dog only to find out he/she is nothing like your other dog, just remember that every dog is different. Some dogs have more challenges than others. So instead of comparing them, embrace the differences and face those challenges with a warm heart.

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6 Responses to “Opposites Attract – Two Different Dogs But Both Very Special”

  1. Roxy (@RoxyTrvlingDog) Says:

    They are both so beautiful. It’s fun to have difference, we have that here too.

  2. Long Life Cats and Dogs Says:

    And yet, with all their differences, they adore each other. We could learn from that.

  3. Wag The Dog UK Says:

    That is the very best thing about dogs, we too, just like humans have vast and different personalities, talents and feelings!

  4. FleaByte Says:

    You’re so right. It’s a lot like having kids. A lot. There have been so many days … anyway. Yes.

  5. wantmorepuppies Says:

    Perfect attitude to have. 🙂

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