Jacquie Lawson Animated E-Cards

Chudleigh animated e-cards from Jacquie Lawson

Chudleigh animated e-cards from Jacquie Lawson

I love these wonderful animated e-cards from Jacquie Lawson. If you have never seen these cards, you should definitely stop by her website and take a look. The cards are animated and often feature dogs like Chudleigh, cats, birds, and other animals. There is a card for every occasion!

The cards are not free to send but trust me when I say that the annual subscription is worth it. Jacquie has worked hard to make these wonderful cards and as a spectacular artist she deserves a contribution for her work. I love her cards and only wish I had even half the talent that she does.

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7 Responses to “Jacquie Lawson Animated E-Cards”

  1. catchatcaren Says:

    We are subscribers to jacquie lawson and we LOVE her cards!

  2. Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom Says:

    They are pretty cool, thanks for sharing them!

  3. Gizmo Says:

    I’ve sent Chudleigh’s cards for years…each one is beautiful

  4. LAPCATS Sacramento Area Cat & Kitten Adoptions Says:

    Absolutely LOVE Chudleigh and Jacquie’s creations! Not only technically perfect, her imagination is amazing! Have you seen the new cat Christmas card with Santa?

  5. Mario (@mariodacat) Says:

    I’m so happy you have joined our group;. M loves the ecards and quite often send them out too. Merry Crissymas.

  6. Sharon D. Colvil Says:

    Dog tired, dog-ma, Hound Dog, Hot Dog! Dog blog, why not? It’s the cats pajamas! We love the dog & cat e-cards. Without them it would be a cat-tas-trophy! Keep diggin’ ’em up!

  7. rumpydog Says:

    Jen was given a Jacqie Lawson Advent calendar program for the past two years, and each was adorable! If you haven’t tried it before, I heartily suggest you do so next Christmas!

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