Are You Wondering how to Administer Feline Medication? Here are Some Tips

"You seriously think you're going to be able to make me eat that pill? I dare you to try."

“You seriously think you’re going to be able to make me eat that pill? I dare you to try.”

We recently had some articles about how to get your dogs to take their medication, but what about cats? Here is a helpful guest post for those of you who have cats too.

There is nothing as difficult as forcing a pet to take his or her medicine. They will claw and bite their way out just to avoid the medicine. At one time or another, you have been forced to do it because unless the pet takes their medicine, they might end up getting really sick. Cats are a prime example of how difficult it is to give them their medicine. While this is a very difficult process to undertake, there are some ways that you can employ to ensure that your cat gets the medication that he or she needs. The following are some of the tips that you can employ for pet cat medication.

The first method you can employ when giving your feline his or her medicine is to hide the pill in his or her food. Cats like dogs have a very strong sense of smell and are able to detect something amiss in their food from a mile away. So then how do you cloak the pill so that they don’t get wind of it? Well, you can make an incision in a piece of meat or tuna and hide the piece of meat inside. You should make sure that you target when the cat is at his or her hungriest. Then you can be assured that the cat will gobble the food down as quickly as possible without realizing that the medicine was there. However, this method is tricky in that sometimes the cat will sense the medicine after they have ingested the food and will try to spit it out. Hence, it is recommended that you monitor your cat closely so that you ensure that they have taken their medicine.

Another method of ensuring that your cat takes his or her pills or capsule is to force it down. This method is especially delicate considering that it might result in a lot biting and scratching and will require two people in order for it be successful. Most vets will tell you that in order to force feed a cat a pill, you first hold it behind the head. You then make sure that you squeeze the lower jaw gently with your thumb and index finger and your compatriot should give the cat the tablet or capsule. You should then close the jaw until you see that the cat has swallowed the medicine. It is very important that you bind you cat’s legs or have your friend hold them for you.

Most vets will use a pill gun.  They usually say that it is the easiest method of ensuring that your pets take their medicine. Pill guns are available in any pet store. However you should ensure that you use it properly lest you end up injuring your cat.

Pill Gun for the UK website article

The above are methods you can use to ensure that cats take their pills and capsules. When it comes to liquid medicines, you can use a syringe or a drenching gun to administer the liquid medication orally. A hypodermic needle can is used for medicines that require invasive administration. However, you should leave this method to the vets.

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