Wordless Wednesday – Reasons for My Dogs’ Nicknames

What is it about our four-legged family members that makes us want to call them silly names? Perhaps I can illustrate by showing you some pet photos of Maya and Pierson’s nicknames.



"I will do anything for a treat!" - Yep, definitely a brown-noser.

“I will do anything for a treat!” – Yep, definitely a brown-noser.

Little Miss Nosy

Little Miss Nosy

Little Miss Trouble or Miss Troublesome.

Little Miss Trouble or Miss Troublesome.

Mr. Fluffybutt

Mr. Fluffybutt

Frog Dog

Frog Dog

Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy

Those are just a few of the names I call Maya & Pierson. What are some of the funny names you call your dogs or cats? Comment below, then check out other great pet photos from the Wordless Wednesday blog hop link below.

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20 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Reasons for My Dogs’ Nicknames”

  1. Gizmo Says:

    GMan and Scrufdawg are the most used, but I’ve got a bunch more…Giz doesn’t care, he responds to everything 🙂

  2. MyBrownNewfies Says:

    ha-ha! Love the nickname brown -noser!

    Sherman is Sherman Berman or handsome man:)
    Leroy is Roy or Roy-joy:)))

  3. themisadventuresofmisaki Says:

    Just read your limerick over at Oz’s and thought I’d pop by and say hello:-)

  4. catchatcaren Says:

    For Dakota: “Boda” “Dakota Boda” “Sheltie Boy” “Bob Barker” “lover boy” and some others not fit to print lol
    For Cody: “Co-dependent” Code-a-licious”, “Codester”, “Jelly Belly”, “Cody Bodey” and a few others not fit to print! lol

    • Dawn Says:

      Bob Barker would be a perfect nickname for Pierson too! I love Code-a-licious’ nickname as well. 😀 And the ‘not fit for print’ part… some people might think I hate my dogs with all the names I call them, like booger, brat, monster, stinky pants, dirty dog, mutt, etc. LOL!

  5. Will and Eko Says:

    Haha “Brown noser” might be my favorite. It cracks me up how pets pick up nicknames just like people do.

    • Dawn Says:

      The difference with these types of nicknames for dogs vs people is that your dogs appreciate them while people tend to really not. 😉

  6. Oz the Terrier Says:

    Those are great nicknames! Fluffybutt…BOL. Ma sometimes calls me “Munchie” because I am her munchkin.

  7. barkandchatter Says:

    I love fluffybutt – my dog has one too! His name is Finn, but he’s often called Finnifoo. 🙂

  8. Clowie Says:

    Frog dog is funny!
    I get called The Hair Factory sometimes.

  9. Fluffy Tufts Says:

    My lot have lots of nicknames!
    Pogo – Pickledy Pogues
    Casper – CASBO
    Jimmy – Barrel boy
    Shelli – Shellibelly
    Venus – evileyes

  10. 2browndawgs Says:

    Those are good names. I call Freighter–Freight Train. It fits him. 🙂

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