Wordless Wednesday – Strange Spring

The weather has been crazy. Last week we had snow. Yesterday and the day before were really nice (in the 80s). Tomorrow we are going to have snow again! It’s crazy I tell you.

Since I missed last Wordless Wednesday, here are some photos from the past 10 days or so.

My Dog Maya and Tulips

Maya looks Pretty by the blooming Tulips.

Snow in Kansas April 23

No lie. It snowed at our house on April 23rd, 2013. This is highly unusual in NE Kansas.

Tulips and Snow

I was really worried about what the snow would do to our beautiful tulips.

Blooming Tulips

Despite the recent snow, our colorful Tulips are still blooming beautifully.

Maya Yellow Ball 4

Maya, do you want to play fetch with this big yellow beach ball?

Maya Yellow Ball 1

Maya will jump to try to catch this yellow ball, but it is too big so it bounces off her nose. She loves the game, nonetheless.

Maya Yellow Ball 2

Here comes the big yellow ball, Maya. Are you going to get it?

Maya Yellow Ball 3

Get that big yellow ball, Maya!

Pierson Kong Flyer 1

Pierson doesn’t like the beach ball. He’s scared of it for some reason. But he loves to play with his Kong Flyer.

Aussie Mix Pierson and Kong Flyer

More of my adorable dog Pierson with his Kong Flyer.

Pierson Kong Flyer 3

I can’t get enough of the Pierson cuteness with his Kong Flyer.

Pierson Running after Kong Flyer

Just look at the fluffy fur fly! Pierson can’t catch the Kong Flyer in the air yet.

Pierson Kong Flyer 5

It looks like he might catch the flyer this time, but no. Pierson waits for the Kong Flyer to land on the ground before he gets it.

For more fun Wordless Wednesday pet photos, check out the link to the blog hop below. You can also access the blog hop on my other blog, PetAutoSafetyBlog.com where I am showing photos of an adorable GoldenDoodle named Spud.


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16 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Strange Spring”

  1. catchatcaren Says:

    what great and fun photos! We are going to be near 80 in Michigan today too…but do NOT send any of that snow our way please!

  2. Bethany Says:

    Great, fun & colorful photos! Glad spring has sprung for you and fun ball & frisbee play can commence!

  3. Oz the Terrier Says:

    It looks like everyone is having a wonderful time despite the strange weather…even the tulips!

  4. Roxy the Traveling Dog Says:

    Hopefully spring is here to stay this time.

  5. Coralee and Finn Says:

    Love your spring pics! Hope your finally finished with snow!

  6. sarahhosick Says:

    I love the pictures with the beach ball! It looks like it’s floating in mid-air! I have to ask… is it still alive? My guys would have punctured that thing within seconds! Happy WW!

  7. FleaByte Says:

    Maya looks good in any setting. And there’s not much more fun to be had than watching an Aussie run and jump! Y’all are seriously going to get more snow? We’re missing the snow AGAIN! Only getting the cold weather. 😦

  8. Marcie Says:

    Wow, you’ve covered it all with the weather…from snow to tulips! The big yellow ball looks quite fun! Too bad Pierson doesn’t like it too, or they could have fun ‘passing’ it back and forth to each other!

  9. Gizmo Says:

    snow to 80’s to snow…that’s just crazy…i love your beautiful bright tulips 🙂

  10. Miss Harper Lee Says:

    Beautiful tulips, and now I want a beach ball!

  11. 2browndawgs Says:

    You know how much I love action shots. Yours today are very nice. The snow–not so much!

  12. Clowie Says:

    The photos are great! We’ve had really late snow here as well, the weather is doing some strange things this year.

  13. Lindsay Says:

    Maya is so cute with that huge yellow ball! We’ve had the same crazy weather as you. Let’s hope spring shows up soon and is here to stay!

  14. snoopys@snoopysdogblog Says:

    That sure is crazy weather, we’ve seen it move between 70s to 90s and back again these last few weeks, but no sign of snow, ever – sigh!

    Have fun with your toys guys,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  15. rick Says:

    did maya managed to pop the ball if so can u bring us a vid or something like that?

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