Thunder Artwork in Progress

I have finally finished drawing Thunder from I started this project months ago! I could give you all kinds of reasons why it took so long, but I don’t want to bore you. So let’s just get to the good stuff. I drew Thunder twice. I did this because I did not like how the first one came out so I wanted to try again. Honestly, I’m not happy with either one. Check them both out below and tell me what you think. Constructive criticism only. Also tell me which one you like best. I am especially interested in what 2BrownDawgs thinks. Hop on over to the blog post on April 11, 2013 to see the original photo I drew from.

Thunder Dog Background

Background for the first artwork of Thunder.

Thunder Dog Art One

The first completed artwork of Thunder.

Second Thunder the Dog Drawing

The second background for drawing Thunder the dog. I like the background of this one much better.

Drawing the Duck in Dog's Mouth

The next step was drawing the duck in his mouth. This was very difficult because it was hard to see the details in the photo I was drawing from.

Drawing Thunder the Dog's Head

I am drawing Thunder’s head. It was difficult getting the detail in since it was so small. I’ m better at portrait drawings because I can see the whole face in great detail.

Drawing Thunder the Dog Two

Now I start drawing Thunder’s body. I start with the darker areas. And I am using colored pencils this time instead of pastels.

Thunder the Dog Drawing Two

The second completed drawing of Thunder the Dog.

I don’t think either artwork does the photo of Thunder justice. It was a fun challenge, though. I know my weakness is full body drawings. Getting detail is much more difficult.

I recorded myself drawing Thunder. I had this great idea of drawing Thunder along with the AC/DC song, Thunderstruck. But you’re not supposed to use music in your videos unless you get permission from the record company and recording label. Giving credit to them in the video is not enough. It is still a violation of copyright laws. Does anyone know of an easy and reliable way to get permission?

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12 Responses to “Thunder Artwork in Progress”

  1. Dakota/Caren/Cody Says:

    I think it looks fantastic! Wish I could help you out with the music thing but I can’t. I am sure that somebody can!

  2. Kuruk Says:

    It’s lovely! Wooooowooooo, Ku

  3. 2browndawgs Says:

    Very nice job. When you asked to use that picture of Thunder because you wanted to challenge yourself, I thought, boy you really do want a challenge. Taking pictures of the dogs moving is a big challenge for me and I can only imagine how difficult it is drawing them.

    I like Thunder’s head in the second picture better. I think you got that just right. Maybe it is the way you shaded it? I think you did well on both bodies. I do the like the background on the second. But really I like both drawings! Very nice job!

    Bummer on the video. I have no idea how to get permission for the music.

  4. FleaByte Says:

    I have no idea, other than to find an email and just ask. Sometimes that’s enough, asking.

    Love the Thunder drawings. It’s a toss-up as to which is best. I like the duck in the second one best. πŸ˜‰

  5. 2browndawgs Says:

    I forgot to ask whether the artwork will be available for purchase?

    • ILoveDogs Says:

      I was about to email you. I am giving you the second one. I want to make copies first, and can make the prints available for sale for anyone who wants them, but the original is yours. Watch for my email and reply with your address. Thank you so much for letting me draw him! πŸ™‚

  6. This ‘N That Thursday | 2 Brown Dawgs Blog Says:

    […] out her blog post about it titled “Thunder Artwork In Progress“.Β  You can see her process and the finished products (she actually did two drawings).Β  I […]

  7. Hawk aka BrownDog Says:

    Hi Y’all,

    That is a wonderful drawing of Thunder.

    Wow, what a challenge you picked! You had a running dog with a bird in his mouth! Now that’s what I call a challenge!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. GizmoGeodog Says:

    I like watching the progression of the drawing…You’ve captured Thunder’s spirit

  9. Sue at Talking Dogs Says:

    I think they’re both lovely. Good job! About music… I know there are sites that allow you to purchase music tracks (for $1 or more), but they, of course, are not famous/popular artists.

  10. rubytheblacklabrador Says:

    Great picture!

  11. Clowie Says:

    It’s lovely! And it’s fascinating to see it progress through the stages.

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