Off to Missouri

By the time you read this, we will be on the road to Missouri. We’re spending our 3-day weekend there at my mom’s. My sister is coming to visit from Oregon, so it will be an extra-special visit. Maya and Pierson have to stay behind because my mom’s dogs hate other dogs. Rocky and Solo are very protective. Don’t worry, though. Maya and Pierson will be in good hands. Our friends, Sha Sha and Jinbo, will be here to take care of them. They have taken care of the dogs a number of times. Maya and Pierson especially love Jinbo because he gives them lots of treats. 🙂

Here are some photos of what we saw last time we got to visit my mom at the farm. And further down are some photos of Maya and Pierson with Sha Sha and Jinbo.

So what are you doing this weekend?

Mom and Goat Sandy

My mom petting her goat, Sandy. Sandy is such a sweetie.

Sandy the Sweet Goat

Sandy the sweet goat.

Bunny Feeding Time

Bunny feeding time.

Two Bunnies

More bunny cuteness.

Stepdad Rocky Solo

My stepdad with Rocky and Solo. Rocky is the white one and Solo is the black one. Spoiled. 😉


My mom’s chickens. All but three of them have names.

People and Dogs at Clinton Lake Bridge

People, left to right: Me, Sha Sha, Jinbo, my husband Li Xi. We are standing on a bridge overlooking Clinton Lake.

People and Dogs in Park at Bench

People, left to right: Me, my husband Li Xi, and our friend Sha Sha.

Maya Pierson Dog Bath

Maya is watching Pierson get his turn at a bath. My friend Sha Sha is watching me give him a bath. (I make it look easy.)

Sha Sha Jinbo and My Dog Maya

Jinbo and Sha Sha went with us to visit my family in Texas last year. This is the ride back home.

Jinbo Making Pierson Jump

Jinbo is holding a treat in the air and having Pierson jump for it. Pierson will do almost anything for a treat. Maya wants one too!

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6 Responses to “Off to Missouri”

  1. Dakota/Caren/Cody Says:

    looks like you are gonna have a great time! Safe travels! I will just be here recuperating and watching baseball and working on blog posts. Enjoy!

  2. weliveinaflat Says:

    Oooh look at Pierson jump! Have a good break! We were doing nothing much over the weekend… because Mr P is travelling for work out of the country next week, which is tiring for him.

  3. rubytheairedale Says:

    Oh, I sure hopes you guys have a fun and safe journey!! Take TONS of pics so we can all see the funs you had!
    That sure looked like you guys had fun with your friends ~ and a BATH?? (and it was going so good! BOL)
    See ya when you get back!
    Ruby ♥

  4. 2browndawgs Says:

    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

  5. mollieandalfie Says:

    Oh what fun, have a super time, see ya when ya get back xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. raisingdaisy Says:

    Great photos! Hope you had a wonderful visit. 🙂

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