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Quality One-on-One Time with My Dogs

September 28, 2013
Having a Ball in the Fall

Maya & Pierson sitting in front of the Sunflowers in our back yard. Kansas is known for its Sunflowers.

Maya and Pierson are alike in many ways. They both love walks, belly rubs, and, of course, food. But they are also different in many ways. Pierson is generally active and alert while Maya is a bit more laid back. Pierson needs a job while Maya is perfectly happy napping in the sun. And even though Pierson loves affection, he is not good at cuddling like Maya.

So despite loving them both just the same, there are times when one will get special attention over the other. And those times are the quality one-on-one times which help with bonding. Here are some of the things I only do with one or the other:

Maya gets to go to pet events because she gets along well with other dogs. She is also very good with children.

Maya Pet Auto Safety Responsible Pet Owner's Day

Maya won this dog dish at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event held in Lawrence, Kansas on September 22nd, 2013. She is sitting in front of our table for Pet Auto

Pierson gets to train on the agility course. Maya gets too excited about the dog treats and isn’t very good on focusing on what I’m trying to get her to do. Plus, she just isn’t very agile.

Pierson Makes it Through the Agility Tunnel

Pierson loves to go through the dog agility tunnel.

Maya gets to cuddle with me when I am not feeling well. Pierson will get on the couch too but you can tell by the look on his face that he’d rather be doing other things. He doesn’t want to get down and do them, though, because he doesn’t like it when Maya gets to do something he doesn’t.

Maya and I with Sugar

Maya cuddles with me on the porch swing as I read “Sugar’s Furry Friend”.

Pierson gets to have more doggy massages because his hair is so long. I spend more time combing him out and checking for insects than I do with Maya. Pierson likes grooming until I try to comb his tail and fluffy butt.

My Dog Pierson Shedding

Shedding season means more one-on-one time for me and Pierson.

Maya gets to go to the dog park because she gets along well with other dogs.

Mutt Run Dog Park Lawrence Kansas

Maya going down one of the nature trails at the Mutt Run dog park in Lawrence, Kansas.

Pierson gets more fetch time play. He is more focused on the game than Maya. Maya gets bored easily. And she tires herself out because at first she is so excited that she does the zoomies rather than bring me back the toy.

Pierson Kong Flyer 1

Pierson loves to play with his Kong Flyer.

Here is something they both love to do together.

Maya and Pierson Playing in Sprinkler

Maya and Pierson love to play in the sprinkler.

What do you enjoy doing with your dogs or cats?

Wordless Wednesday – Babies and Dogs

September 25, 2013

Our friends, Sha Sha and Jinbo, recently had a baby. His English name is Eric and he is simply adorable! Maya liked him so much she wanted to lick his little toes! Pierson wasn’t sure what to think, especially when he cried. Here are some cute baby and dog photos:

Li Xi Pierson Baby Eric

My husband Li Xi is holding baby Eric for Pierson to see.

Me Baby Eric Maya Pierson

I am holding baby Eric while Maya and Pierson check him out.

Baby Eric Onesie

Here is a closer photo of baby Eric. He is wearing the cute onesie my friend Heather made for him.

This photo is of Pierson checking out my niece Elizabeth when we went to Texas for Thanksgiving last year. That is Sha Sha holding Elizabeth and me sitting beside her.

My Dog Pierson and Baby Elizabeth

Pierson is really interested in my niece Elizabeth.

Pierson and Baby Elizabeth

No, he’s really really interested in Elizabeth. What is this tiny little thing?

This photo is of my nephew Bennett hugging Maya. This was a couple years ago when my sister came to visit me. Maya doesn’t look happy about the hug in this picture but trust me, she loved it. Her tail was wagging away and she kept trying to kiss him.

Maya and Bennett

My young nephew Bennett is giving Maya a hug.

What do your dogs do when they are around babies?

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Time For Dooty Duties

September 23, 2013

Scoop That Poop Logo

Do you pick up your dog’s feces? I do, every single day. It never fails that when I take Maya & Pierson for a walk, one of them takes a crap. Even if I let them outside in our backyard beforehand, there is just something about taking a dump in someone else’s yard that pleases them.

Even if I don’t take them out for a walk, I still pick up daily from our backyard. I used to do it once a week, but then I got the notorious poop-eater, Pierson. Pierson only eats Maya’s stool, so I have Maya on a poop schedule and pick up her excrement immediately twice a day… three times if she decides to go on the walk too. Honestly! You’d think I overfeed my dogs with all the turds they churn out.

Here is what Pierson has to say about dog droppings:

Scoop That Poop Campaign 1

Scoop That Poop Campaign 2

I forgot to get a photo of Maya taking a poo. Since she is on a schedule, I won’t have a chance again until this evening.

And here is the scoop on poop brought to you by Sugar the Golden Retriever and Dogster:

Scoop That Poop Infographic

Also, check out the ScoopThatPoopCampaign and a video from Sugar:

How many synonyms for dog waste did you see in this post?

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I Love Mutts

September 21, 2013
My Dog Pierson is a Poo Poo Head

Mutt Extraordinaire!

Flea with Jones Natural Chews showed a great video on her Funny Bone Monday post. This is post #40. The video is about how a dog rescue group uses the originality of mutts as their pitch to get people interested in adopting them. I thought this was a fun idea.

I have decided that Pierson is either a Fluffy-tailed Border Aussie or a Black & White Collaussie. Sephi, who has passed on over the Rainbow Bridge, was part Chow and possibly also part Shepherd, Labrador, and Border Collie. So perhaps she could have been called a Black Chinese Labrashep. What do you think your mutt breed could be?

Speaking of mutts, has a contest for the best looking mutt in the world. Go visit her blog and enter your mutt. Mutts unite!

Scurvy Dog Pierson & Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 19, 2013

Avast ye scallywags! In case ye didn’ know, today be talk like a pirate day. An’ here’s what our scurvy dog Pierson be sayin’:

Talk Like a Pirate Day - Pierson Pirate Cracker

Talk Like a Pirate Day - Pierson Pirate Poop

If yer a likin’ these sayins, then put ’em up on yer pinty board thingy. Or I’ll be feedin’ ye to the fishes!

Ye got somethin’ t’ say? Be sure to talk like a pirate.

Wordless Wednesday – Whimsical Art of Pierson

September 18, 2013

A friend of mine drew Pierson for me. Since he is such a pretty boy who likes to do tricks, she drew him in a fancy performing arts costume. Check out this wonderful art work:

Pierson by Simmons 001

You can find other whimsical art, and also cute baby stuff, on her Etsy page –

For more great pet photos, check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below:

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Little Bunny Foo Foo is No More

September 14, 2013

It was bound to happen sooner or later. You can’t have a dog with a high prey drive and not expect him to catch a wild animal from time to time. Even though we live in the suburbs, we still have quite a few wild animals around. There are birds, squirrels, rodents, skinks, snakes, hawks, and, yes, rabbits.

Two Squirrels

Pierson loves to watch these squirrels living in our neighbor’s house.

The rodent-like animals are prolific here. There are certain times of the year when I can’t walk the dogs without having a squirrel cross our path every half-block. And don’t get me started on the rabbits. Since the hawks can’t hunt well through the maze of structures and fences, the rabbits breed like… well, like rabbits.

Pierson and the Bunnies

Pierson is trying to decide which rabbit to chase. These rabbits live under our shed.

We have a family of rabbits living under our shed in our back yard. I see them often in the early morning and just before dark. I am careful about not letting the dogs out at those times. But every so often, a rabbit braves the full light of day and Pierson gets a little more exercise. He’s never caught one, though, until Thursday night.

This wouldn’t be the first time Pierson has killed a wild animal. When he lived as a stray in Pierson Park, I noticed a dead squirrel in his vicinity. Last year sometime, or maybe earlier this year, I saw him catch and kill a bird.

Thankfully, I didn’t see Pierson catch and kill the rabbit from the other night. All I know is that it was after dark and Pierson was reluctant to come when I called. I saw him hovering over something in the yard so I grabbed my flashlight to investigate. It was a young bunny. It wasn’t a baby bunny, but it wasn’t an adult either. A juvenile, I’d say – one that stayed out past curfew and suffered the consequences.

Very sad, but I can’t blame Pierson. It is his instinct. I just have to be careful when I take him out of the home environment. He is never to be off-leash except in his own back yard. No going to the dog park. We have to avoid certain sections of the pet store. And I can’t have any small pets.

Rabbit Treats?

Coincidentally, Pierson ate rabbit treats earlier that day. I received an unexpected package in the mail Thursday morning and was happily surprised to see two bags of treats from 2BrownDawgs! One of the bags was from Zukes and it was the Lil’ Links rabbit & apple recipe.

Zukes Dog Treats

Zukes Lil’ Links Rabbit and Apple Recipe Dog Treats.

Do you think Pierson got a taste for rabbit from those treats? LOL! Probably not, but it is an interesting happenstance. 😀

So why did 2BrownDawgs send us treats? Remember the art work I did of their dog Thunder? I wanted no compensation for it since I solicited them and not the other way around. So getting the package of treats was a very nice surprise. ❤

Thank You 2BrownDawgs

Thank you 2BrownDawgs! From Maya, me (Dawn), and Pierson. 🙂

Maya & Pierson were especially thankful. When I opened the bag, they automatically started doing their synchronized spinning.

Synchronized Spinning

Synchronized Spinning

I made them sit and stay for a moment and Maya started drooling. Pierson kept licking his chops. Finally, when they got the treats they scarfed them down in a flash! The treats were delicious. Thanks 2BrownDawgs!!! 🙂

Dog Tricks for Treats

This is actually an older photo for other treats. But the begging looks still apply to the dog treats given by 2BrownDawgs.

Wordless Wednesday – What Are Maya & Pierson Up To?

September 11, 2013

Besides getting to swim in a public pool last week, what are my dogs Maya and Pierson up to? The following photos are from my phone, so I apologize if they are a bit blurry.

Dogs Waiting Under Table for Food

We prepared a big meal of Chinese dumplings with our friends Sha Sha and Jinbo. Maya & Pierson stayed under the table and patiently waited for someone to drop some food.

Maya Greeting Pawsh Wash Lady

Maya went to the grand opening of the new satellite store for Pawsh Wash and greeted one of the ladies working there with a big wet kiss.

Pierson Looking Out Window

When Pierson is not playing, eating, or sleeping, he is keeping guard. He likes to alert me every time someone walks by the house, especially if that someone is walking their dog.

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Dogs Get to Swim in Public Pool – Pooch Plunge 2013

September 7, 2013

Maya had an absolute blast on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. Tuesday was the annual Pooch Plunge held at the Outdoor Aquatic Center in Lawrence, Kansas. Check out these great photos and the video I put together. PAWSOME!

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 01

My Labrador Maya gets to swim in a public pool for the annual Pooch Plunge event in Lawrence, Kansas.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 02

Just look at how happy my Maya is.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 03

Maya gets to meet a lot of other dogs having fun swimming in the pool.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 004

There were no balls to play with so Maya stole this pool toy.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 005

Maya loves sticks. But since there were no sticks or balls in the pool, Maya takes a pool toy instead.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 006

Maya, what are you going to do with that toy? Maya eventually got out of the pool and proceeded to run around the pool complex with the pool toy in her mouth. It was like she was showing off her ‘capture’.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 007

Lots of people and doggies swimming and having a good time in the public pool. It got even more crowded than this later on.

Maya and Other Dogs Pooch Plunge

Other dogs had a good time too. Look at that pug go! And there is an Aussie and a German Short-haired Pointer.

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Wordless Wednesday – Back from Missouri

September 4, 2013

We had a great trip to Missouri this weekend. The only bad part about the trip was all the chigger bites I got! Here are some photos from our visit to my mom’s:

Missouri Sept 2013 008

Entrance to my mom and stepdad’s house.

Missouri Sept 2013 002

My mom and stepdad built their own house. They started out living in an RV and added one room at a time along with a porch, some sheds, and dwellings for some of the animals.

Farm Pond and My Sister Carrie

My sister Carrie in front of my mom and stepdad’s pond. Also pictured is a cute farm kitty.

Farm Kitty

A sweet farm kitty. The kitty belongs to my mom’s neighbor.

Mama Goat and Kids

Mama goat and her kids. Aren’t they just the cutest kids ever?! These goats belong to my mom’s neighbor.

Baby Goat Kid

Cutest kid ever! It is difficult to tell from this photo, but this kid is only about a foot tall.

Two Goats

Adorable goats! These guys were more interested in food than in being petted. They also belong to my mom’s neighbor.

Goat Sandy 2

Remember my mom’s goat Sandy? My mom gave her to their neighbor where she now lives with the other goats.

Goats and Llamas

Sandy with another goat and some llamas.

Brown Llama

Oh Mama! It’s a Llama! This llama was so sweet. She really liked to be petted.

I didn’t take photos of my mom’s chickens, bunnies, or her dogs Rocky and Solo this time. I have a ton of photos of them already that have been posted before. To see them, check out this past Saturday post. Also check out the post from our visit this past May – Missouri Farm in Spring.

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