Maya & Pierson’s Favorite Dog Toys

Maya and Pierson have a TON of dog toys. But there are only a few they play with regularly. Most are plush or felt toys. (They don’t care for the rubber toys as much.) Maya and Pierson will destroy a stuffed plush dog toy, but I’ve found a few that don’t get destroyed so easily. Here is a review of their favorite dog toys that have lasted longer than a month:

Pierson Invincibles Gecko Dog Toy

Pierson loves the squeak of the Invincibles Gecko dog toy.

Maya Invincibles Gecko Dog Toy

Maya likes to play with her Invincibles Gecko dog toy while on her back.

One thing I love about the Invincibles Gecko dog toy from Kyjen is there is no stuffing to tear out. The squeakies are big enough that if the dog takes them out, they can’t swallow them whole. And the squeakies work even after your dog punctures holes in them with their teeth. The first Invincibles Gecko I bought for Maya and Pierson was the small orange one. It lasted a little over a month. Maya eventually took the squeaker out, so I threw it all away. Then my friend Joanne in the UK bought them the large blue Invincibles Gecko from Kyjen a couple of months ago. It is still intact and Maya and Pierson play with it regularly.

Maya & her Tuffy's Dog Toy

Maya enjoys her Tuffy’s octopus dog toy.

Pierson with His Tuffy's Dog Toy

Pierson still has this Tuffy’s dog toy from nearly two years ago when I first brought him home.

The first large Tuffy’s I bought was the purple octopus. Sephi was the first to get the stuffing out of the top of the octopus’ head. But as of today, the octopus arms are still undamaged and still have their squeakers. Maya and Pierson don’t play with the octopus so much anymore. They mostly play with the large Tuffy’s gear. Actually, Pierson plays with it more than Maya. It was one of the first toys Pierson played with when I first brought him to his new home. After almost two years, the Tuffy’s gear dog toy is still completely intact.

Squeaker mats are another product from Kyjen. Maya and Pierson love the squeaks. Every single square has a squeaker in it. That is 16 squeakers!!! The first squeakers Maya and Pierson were able to get out were the ones on the four corners. Today, 10 squeakers are still embedded in the mat but only one squeaker still squeaks. I don’t have a good photo of Maya and Pierson playing with this because now it is mostly a raggedy square. But they do still play with it.

Pierson and Mr. Monkey Dog Toy

The Mr. Monkey dog toy in this photo caption is the Kong Braidz.

Maya and Pierson love felt toys as much as plush dog toys. The Kong Braidz is their most favorite. The first one I bought was the pink dog. Of course, the very first thing Maya did was pull off the stuffing filled head. Now it is just a knot of pink felt. I bought the monkey Kong Braidz next. Again, it didn’t take long for the head to be destuffed. The legs are gone too. But Maya and Pierson still love to play with it. Pierson most of all.

The bottle buddy dog toy is yet another toy from Kyjen. It has no stuffing in it, which is great. It comes with a plastic bottle inside that makes crinkle noises when the dogs chomp on it. Maya LOVES this toy. It didn’t take her long to chew off the ears and feet or to crunch the bottle down flat, but the case is still in one piece. And it is easy to put in a new plastic bottle. This video has Sephi in it, so it is a bit older. But it shows how much Maya loves the bottle buddy dog toy. Pierson likes this toy too, but not as much as Maya.

What is your dog’s favorite dog toy?

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10 Responses to “Maya & Pierson’s Favorite Dog Toys”

  1. weliveinaflat Says:

    Ahhhh!!!!!! I seez Maya in a dwess!!! Very dainty. Think the only toy we may have here in pet stores is the kong braids thing… but the toys do look interesting. We have refrained from playing with squeaky toys in the flat since Donna gets excited and starts barking… and we worry about the noise bothering the neighbours. But it’s a good way to get the dog interested in the toy for sure šŸ™‚

  2. Kuruk Says:

    So many pawesome toys! I want a purple octopus! Wooooowooooo!

  3. Will and Eko Says:

    Thanks for the recommendations! I’m always looking for toys that can stand the test of time with Eko. His favorite treat puzzle is the Kong Wobbler

  4. Marcie Says:

    It’s always great when you can find the durable ones that they still enjoy!

  5. raisingdaisy Says:

    That gekko sounds perfect for Daisy – maybe we’ll get it for her as a Get Well present! šŸ˜‰

  6. rubytheairedale Says:

    OMD!! I had that Gecko toy…I killed it. Yups. Ma SAYS she’s gonna do surgery on it, butts it’s still sittin’ in the er (on top of the dryer) waitin’ for the OR. I can say, it lasted a whole 10 minutes!! BOL
    Maya, that bottle toy sure looked like funs!!
    Ruby ā™„

  7. Ann "Paws" Staub Says:

    I’ve seen that gecko before and it looks pretty cool. One toy I recently discovered that has passed Shiner’s destructive toy test is something called a “Bumi”. It’s still standing!

  8. The Golden Life Says:

    Callie is — always has been — gentle with stuffed toys, so when Ducky’s at daycare, the stuffed toys come out of the closet. When Ducky is home, out come the Kong Wubbas and Nylabone chew toys. Even the Wubbas don’t last very long, but that’s okay…I just buy new ones when I have to. I might try the braidz toys though.

  9. 2browndawgs Says:

    Brown dawgs love rubber kongs. šŸ™‚ Freighter destroyed a tuffy toy in about 20 minutes one time. They don’t play nice with soft toys. šŸ™‚ Cute pictures. šŸ™‚

  10. MyBrownNewfies Says:

    Sherman’s favorite toys are the yellow Kong toys that squeak-especially the bone shaped one. He’s had it for 3 years and its a mess so I bought him a new one for his birthday and he won’t touch it!

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