Pet Blogger Gift Exchange – 25 Castles on 25 Clouds

Let me tell you about a great pet blogger, Lauranne from 25 Castles on 25 Clouds. This blog is the epitome of what blogs are all about… a way to keep a journal of our lives. This blog is about real life. There’s no underlying motive to promote products or make money, it’s purely authentic and sincere.

I’ve only been reading Lauranne’s blog for a short time. In reading the events of her life, I find myself thinking back to when I had to face certain trials. Although our situations are not exactly the same, I find myself being able to relate to her and to empathize with her situation. Lauranne doesn’t give the answers in her posts. She is merely taking a journey and sharing her journey with us.

Lauranne’s blog is about all sorts of things in her life. A part of her life includes two adorable dogs, Mity and BD. Mity is a Cairn Terrier, and sounds like quite the character. He loves other dogs but he doesn’t care to be petted… unless, of course, BD is getting attention. Lauranne describes Mity as part cat. He reminds me a little of my dog Sephi. Sephi let me pet her, but sometimes I could tell she only tolerated it for my sake.

Mity the Cairn Terrier

Mity the Cairn Terrier from 25 Castles on 25 Clouds.

BD is a Welsh Collie. He has some issues with aggression with strangers, but it sounds like Lauranne is really working with him on it. She is very dedicated to BD, even though BD isn’t her dog. He is a part of her life and I admire her for continuing to care for him even though technically he is not her responsibility. That is love.

BD from 25 Castles on 25 Clouds

BD the Welsh Collie from 25 Castles on 25 Clouds.

Lauranne lives in the UK so we did not exchange gifts. It would have cost more to ship than it would have to buy the gifts! Instead, we agreed to buy stuff for pets and donate it to our local shelter or rescue group. Isn’t that a fantastic idea?! I purchased bleach, paper towels, and kitty litter for my shelter since it was on their wish list. I also gave a couple of toys and donated some old blankets and towels.

So there you go! 25 Castles on 25 Clouds by Lauranne sounds like a great blog, doesn’t it? Go check it out and say hello. 🙂

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6 Responses to “Pet Blogger Gift Exchange – 25 Castles on 25 Clouds”

  1. Ann "Paws" Staub Says:

    Great pay for the gift exchange! What a neat idea that you guys spayed to the local shelter! I haven’t heard of this blog before.

  2. ScottieMom Says:

    Wow – what a great gift idea! Kudos to you both for stepping up and lending a helping hand to local shelters. Hope you both had a wonderful holiday! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  3. 2browndawgs Says:

    That is a great gift exchange idea!

  4. 25castleson25clouds Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words, the best thing about this exchange has been getting to meet you. I hope you realise there is no getting rid of me now!! x

  5. somethingwagging Says:

    Such heart felt words about a blogger I have also enjoyed meeting. And what a nice addition to the gift exchange to give literal gifts to your local shelters.

    Thanks so much for joining the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange. I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful 2014.

  6. wantmorepuppies Says:

    What a lovely post – sounds like you and Lauranne were a great match. 🙂

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