Wordless Wednesday – Toys All Over the House

Pierson Kibble Drop Dog Toy 1

One dog, three dog toys. Two dogs, thirty dog toys… maybe more.

No, I don’t have children. But one might think so with all these toys all over the place. It never fails that the moment I put them all away, Maya or Pierson suddenly want the dog toy on the bottom. Sillies. 😀

Dog Toys All Over the Floor 001

De-stuffed bunny, piggy bottle buddy, two red owl blanket toys from Petco with the owl heads torn off, invincibles gecko, and a homemade dog toy made form a scarf and a tennis ball.

Dog Toys All Over the Floor 002

That green thing in the background is the toy box. There are lots of toys piled around it. On the dog bed is an antler horn and the orange invincibles gecko. That brown thing is the blanket. Pierson sometimes considers the blanket a toy.

Do your dogs leave their stuff all over your house?

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20 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Toys All Over the House”

  1. 25castleson25clouds Says:

    Looks about right to me!!

  2. Dakota/Caren/Cody Says:

    Well our living room looks like that for sure! (the other part of our condo is baby gated because of Cody’s cat toys)..

  3. raisingdaisy Says:

    Oh yeah, toys, toys everywhere! And Daisy likes to plant them where she knows we’ll accidentally step on them, then she seems to laugh in her doggy way, grabs the toy, and plants it somewhere else… Cunning little cutie…. 😉

  4. Oz the Terrier Says:

    I leave my toys everywhere…and that’s the way it should be! You may even find one behind the toilet! BOL
    Happy Wednesday,

  5. Jodi Says:

    My guys do, it’s funny I don’t see them playing too often, but there are always toys around!

  6. Chewy the Golden Says:

    You can never have enough toys! I like to leave a bunch around people’s chairs so they get the hint that it should be playtime.

  7. jan Says:

    I saw a great video a while back of a dog who was trained to put away her own toys. I’d love to be able to train mine.

  8. The Golden Life Says:

    We have a Kong Wubba, and two peanut-butter flavored Nylabone barbells on the living room floor. Callie loves her stuffies, but I don’t take them out unless Ducky’s at daycare cuz she would destroy them. So, Callie’s and Shadow’s toys are safely tucked away when Ducky’s home…they all play with her toys. Still teaching Ducky to share.

  9. MyBrownNewfies Says:

    Haha! Yes! Leroy leaves toys and shoes all over the house and I have kids so they leave toys all over the house too!

  10. weliveinaflat Says:

    One word. Yes.

  11. Piranha Banana Says:

    BOL! We use a magazine rack case for all our toys. Weasel likes to take them all out and throw them around the house… FUN!

  12. Ann Staub Says:

    Well, I know the feeling but with my kids. My oldest daughter’s room is a disaster zone and my baby can destroy my room after I clean it up in about 15 minutes. Shiner is the good one 🙂 I put her toys away when she’s not using them because she does resource guarding with them.

  13. mariedogwalker Says:

    My dog has no interest in toys but the cats leave things everywhere!

  14. Donna O. Says:

    Looks very familiar. Although all the toys here have to be “durable” – no stuffies for the Medi and Toby or they’ll end up in surgery. (The dogs, not the stuffies)

  15. 2browndawgs Says:

    LOL that is quite a toy collection. They really need to help pick them up. Our golden would pick up his toys and put them in a bin when I told him to do it…lol. Chessies would probably just leave them there. 🙂

  16. Stacey Van Horn Says:

    We are so jealous of all those toys! We can’t have stuffed toys … only hard durable ones. Mom only lets us have toys in our kennels now because she kept hurting her feet in the middle of the nite.
    She said some really bad words a few times when she stepped on them before the new rule was enforced 😉

  17. Hawk aka BrownDog Says:

    HI Y’all,

    I don’t have stuffies, but Kong and Dogster toys litter even the more formal living areas (You know, the ones where the Humans receive guests).

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  18. Clowie Says:

    I leave a couple out – the rest I put away. But the cats leave stuff everywhere!

  19. Lindsay Says:

    Ha! That’s so cute. I have a small basket of toys on the floor. It has dog and cat toys and all my pets are always taking toys out of that from the bottom 🙂 I have a larger basket of toys that I keep high on a shelf that they can’t get to.

  20. mollieandalfie Says:

    Hawahhhahhaaw that looks like my house, people think I have started a nursery for little people xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

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