Not Quite Wordless Wednesday – My Mom and the Dogs

My mom is doing well so far with her recent diagnosis. She is tired often but is keeping a positive attitude and living life as best as possible. It’s amazing how happy she is staying despite the adversity. She has been staying with my husband and I for the past couple of days. Here is a photo of her with Maya and Pierson.

Also, while she is here I have been drawing her beloved dog Rocky who passed away in January. This is what I have done so far. I should be finished with it later today. And around 2pm today, I will be taking her to the airport. She is going to Oregon to be with my sisters and brother and her numerous friends.

Before moving to Missouri a few years ago, my mom lived most of her life in Oregon and is excited about going back. After my stepdad is finished taking care of selling their belongings and property in Missouri, him and I are going to drive to Oregon with their dog Solo. I will be in Oregon with my mom for a couple of weeks or so. Don’t worry, I will still be taking care of business for

My Mom with Maya and Pierson

My mom with Maya and Pierson. Pierson can sometimes be shy with strangers, but not my mom.

Rocky Small Drawing Almost Done

My mom’s beloved dog Rocky passed away in January. She wanted me to draw him for her so I have been working on this while she’s been visiting me.

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8 Responses to “Not Quite Wordless Wednesday – My Mom and the Dogs”

  1. Will and Eko Says:

    That’s a beautiful drawing! I’m sure she’ll love it.

  2. Jan K Says:

    How wonderful that you are having some quality time with your Mom and what a lovely drawing of Rocky you are doing for her.
    She looks so happy in the photo, no wonder your dogs love her so much! It is a very special person that can stay positive in her situation and make the best of everything.

  3. The Golden Life Says:

    My best wishes for your Mom! My Mom had a great attitude throughout her battle with cancer as well. I believe it was Mom’s attitude that gave us more time with her than we might have had otherwise. Love your painting of Rocky!

  4. Lindsay Says:

    Thinking of you guys. What a great picture of your mom with Pierson and Maya. So much love.

    The drawing is beautiful. Has your mom seen it as you’ve been working on it?

  5. 2browndawgs Says:

    Your Mom sounds like a very strong woman. Glad she gets to go back to Oregon. 🙂

  6. Jodi Says:

    I’m glad to hear she is doing okay. I was just thinking about you and her over the weekend and was planning on dropping you an e-mail just to say hi. But then I signed in and saw that you were posting. So hi! Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.

    • Nature by Dawn Says:

      Thank you, Jodi! Things are still a bit crazy. My mom is visiting my sister in Oregon now and I will follow her there next week. Other things going on too so I’m not able to post much. I’ll explain more later.

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