My Mom and Her Dog Solo

I’m here in Oregon with my mom. She is still doing well, but she says her muscles are getting weaker and her eyesight worse. Despite this, her spirits are still up. Something happened regarding her dog Solo, though, that has got her down and I don’t know what to do.

My mom spent most of her life in Oregon before moving to Missouri a few years ago. Now with this diagnosis, she wanted to go back home to Oregon. So we got her a plane ticket and she flew ahead and is staying with a dear friend while also getting to see my sisters and brother and her niece and nephews. My stepdad stayed behind in Missouri to wrap up things at their property.

The plan for my stepdad and their dog Solo was that after my stepdad received their social security check, which was supposed to include a year’s worth of back pay, he was going to buy a vehicle, rent a trailer, pack up all his and my mom’s stuff, and drive with their dog Solo to Oregon. I was going to go along to help with the long drive.

The check never came, so my stepdad and I bought plane tickets to Oregon instead. I arrived Tuesday. He was supposed to arrive yesterday with Solo. He did arrive, but unfortunately the airline wouldn’t take Solo. They said her travel crate wasn’t airline approved. Luckily, the friend that had brought my stepdad to the airport was able to take Solo back home.

At this very moment, Solo is still in Missouri staying all by herself at my mom and stepdad’s old place. Their friend lives very nearby and is coming by a few times a day to feed and care for her. But otherwise, Solo is all alone.

My mom and stepdad are currently trying to figure out what to do. The coordination of all this is tricky at such a long distance. Can they count on this friend to do the legwork on finding the right crate and on making another four hour round trip to the airport to drop Solo off? I hope so. Not only that, this friend has to make sure he doesn’t forget Solo’s traveling paperwork and that this trip happens within a specified period before the paperwork expires. Otherwise, he will also have to take Solo to the vet again to get re-certified. And my mom and stepdad have to find a way to send this friend enough money to cover the crate, gas expense, and plane ticket expense.

I honestly can’t see this friend doing all this. I may be wrong, but I am still worried. I can only imagine how worried my mom and stepdad are too. This is what I am thinking of doing. After I get back home to Kansas on Sunday evening, I can work on getting an airline approved crate. I can also try to find the time to make the five hour trip to my mom’s old place in Missouri. I’d have to stay overnight, then make the two hour drive to the airport with Solo myself. From there, it is another three hour drive back to Kansas.

Finding the time to do this is tricky. I’m still packing our things for our move to Iowa. And I also have to coordinate painters, flooring people, landscapers, etc. in order to fix up our house so it can be put on the market. I WILL do whatever I need to get Solo reunited with my mom and stepdad. But if anyone has any better ideas, I’d love to hear them.

I think I’ve told you that Solo is a special needs dog and that she came from a terrible dog hoarding situation. As a result of her rescue by my mom and stepdad, Solo is highly protective of them and very close to them. She needs them as much as they need her. My mom especially needs her.

Update on Solo
My mom and stepdad found two friends in Missouri who can help out. One friend is going to find an airline approved crate. And the other friend will take Solo to the airport. Yay! 🙂

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15 Responses to “My Mom and Her Dog Solo”

  1. raisingdaisy Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. What a difficult situation, but your mom is so blessed to have you helping out like this. I wish I could think of an easier solution. You’re in the middle of so many things, remember to take care of yourself as well. We’ll keep you and your mom in our prayers.

  2. FleaByte Says:

    Will be praying that this friend steps up and is responsible and caring enough to get Solo to y’all soon. How awful.

  3. peacelovenwhiskers Says:

    What about contacting pilots for paws? Is there a group that helps transport dogs like there is for cats? I’m in Florida, otherwise I would personally love to help. Do you have a Twitter or Facebook page I can share the request

    • Nature by Dawn Says:

      I have a personal Facebook page at Surprisingly, I haven’t posted it there yet. I should have done that. I have a business twitter page, but not a personal one. I’m not sure about posting this on social media where just anyone can see it. I felt better about using the blog where generally only my followers see it. Weird, I know, since anyone can see my blog too. But only dog crazy people are more likely to see the info here on my blog whereas just plain crazy people are more likely to see it on Facebook and Twitter.

  4. peacelovenwhiskers Says:

    Ugh.. sorry. I would like to share the request with my pet friends and see if they know anyone. My email is yornma at yahoo dot com.

  5. Lindsay Says:

    Oh I can’t imagine the stress you are all going through. I hope your mom isn’t worrying too much, but I know how worried I would be if it were my dog. I like your idea, Dawn. I know it’s a lot of work for you, but you know Solo well and she probably trusts you. I’m sure the friend would also be willing to help, but it may be hard for that person to get everything done correctly.

    Thinking of you guys.

  6. 25castleson25clouds Says:

    I don’t know if they cover america but contact these guys are amazing. if they can’t help directly I am sure they can do something to help!! Sending a massive hug, which is no use but I can’t do much more.

  7. Nature by Dawn Says:

    Thanks all! I’ll check out some of these places. I think Lindsay may be right, though. I may be the only person nearby that Solo trusts.

  8. Jodi Says:

    Oh Dawn, I hope this situation gets rectified. I was thinking of this organization Not sure if they could help or not, but maybe they can put you in touch with someone.

  9. Patricia Says:

    Operation Roger is a wonderful organization. But you need to be ready on short notice. Truckers do not always have long stopovers. Good luck.

  10. Joanne Says:

    So sorry to hear all this Dawn, I so wish I could do something to help you…I would if I was in the same country. I would worry too about posting that on FB/Twitter.

  11. 2browndawgs Says:

    Very good news. I also know of a couple of services that move dogs by driving them. They do mostly retrievers, but your Mom’s situation is so unique, maybe they could work it out or recommend another. Hopefully the plane works out for Solo.

  12. Jenna Ryan Says:

    So good to meet you at the Denver airport today! I hope all is well with your mom and Solo. I live in Portland, so if there is anything I can do to help, send me an email.

    • Nature by Dawn Says:

      Thanks Jenna! It was nice meeting you too! 🙂 My flight loaded about 20 minutes late, but didn’t take off for another hour at least. I hope you caught your later flight and got home okay. I heard the weather in Portland was still very nice. Lucky you. I came home to more snow.

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