Poor Maya – Sometimes Stuff Happens with Our Dogs

My Sad Dog Maya in a Cone

Poor sweet Maya. She had to wear this cone for a few weeks. You’ll see why below.

Stuff. I’m putting it nicely here because I don’t like to curse. If you have dogs, you understand what I mean by stuff. It doesn’t matter how much preventative action you take, how much training you do, or how responsible of a pet owner you are. Stuff happens. And it happens when you least expect it.

Let me tell you about the bad stuff that happened to my poor Maya during her first couple of weeks in our new home in Iowa. Maya was attacked on two separate occasions by two different dogs and two different owners. Sounds terrible, right? It was traumatizing for us both, especially Maya.

The funny thing is, we don’t live in a neighborhood of irresponsible pet owners. Our neighbors don’t let their dogs run loose. There is almost no trouble here. It just so happens that Maya was in the wrong place at the wrong time… twice.

The first incident was when we were on a walk. And it was as a result of a pet owner who had a momentary lapse of judgment. She went from the back yard to the front in order to put something in the trash. It was only going to take a few seconds so she didn’t close the gate. A few seconds was all it took. Maya and I happened to walk by at that moment and her dog ran out the gate and attacked Maya.

It happened so quickly. I was too shocked to react. Thankfully, the owner reacted right away. Maya’s feelings were hurt, but she was otherwise unharmed.

The woman was very apologetic. I didn’t lose my temper or give her a lecture about how she should have known better. The truth is, it could have just as easily happened the other way around. I get complacent with how well my dogs behave and sometimes I don’t think. Seriously, what are the chances of another dog walking by in that less-than-30-second span?

In the second incident, a Jack Russell Terrier let himself outside when he saw my dogs. Jack Russells are extremely intelligent… and devious. Although the owner knew how smart her dog was, the act of him opening the door like that took her completely by surprise. The Jack went mostly after Pierson and it was an ugly fight. But Pierson has thick fur and he defended himself, so he was fine.

The other dog owner and I struggled to get everyone separated. It wasn’t easy. Jacks are fast and agile. Pierson would not back down but I managed to grab him and get him away. When I did, the Jack went after Maya. Maya didn’t fight back. Her skin is thick around her neck, but the little dog got her around the leg and tore off a quarter-sized patch of skin.

My Dog Maya and Pet First Aid Kit

I used the pet first aid kit from Kurgo for the first time when Maya was injured by another dog.

The owner was extremely apologetic and took full responsibility. She helped me tend Maya’s wounds and took care of her medical needs. The injury on Maya’s leg looked terrible. But no arteries were hit. There was very little bleeding. Her hair will probably never grow back in that spot.

Maya limped badly for the rest of the day. But by the following morning, she was back to her chipper self. She wore a cone for a while, took some antibiotics, and had some nice pain relieving ointment. Her wound is now healed nicely, although scarred.

I know my Pierson is dog aggressive. And as such, I am very careful with him. But stuff can still happen. I can see the possibility of Pierson getting out or getting away unexpectedly and going after another dog. It has actually happened once while on a walk. He jerked the leash right out of my hand. We were very fortunate in that I got a hold of him before he could do anything to the other dog.

If Pierson had done what these dogs did to my Maya, would that make me an irresponsible dog owner? Would it label Pierson as a vicious dog? If it had been Pierson who had done these things, how would I have wanted the other parties to react? Angrily? Accusingly? With hostility?

Let’s face it, sometimes dogs do doggy things. It could be easy to judge these other dog owners and their dogs. And I think sometimes we tend to do just that, especially when we are the victims. But it is important to look at the entire situation. We are not perfect. Our dogs, angels though they might be most of the time, are not perfect either.

This article is not to say that being responsible doesn’t matter because stuff is going to happen anyway. Always be responsible with your pets. Never be careless. Because that one moment when you’re not is when stuff will happen to you and your dog too.

Maya Under My Desk

Maya loves to lay under my desk when I’m working. If you look at her front left leg, you can see her injury.

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13 Responses to “Poor Maya – Sometimes Stuff Happens with Our Dogs”

  1. raisingdaisy Says:

    OMG Poor Maya!!!! She looks so sad in that first photo. I had tears in my eyes while I was reading this. I just want to reach out and hug that sweet pup. You’re right, irresponsible things can happen with responsible pet owners, that’s one of the reasons I’m always a little nervous when walking Daisy – you just never know. Our friends had a Jack a while back – he was not only smart, but also something of a bully. Opening a door is something I’d never expect either!

  2. Will and Eko Says:

    Scary stuff, but glad everyone is (for the most part) ok! I also really appreciate your message of empathy, it’s something we could all use more of.

  3. FleaByte Says:

    You’re so right. Stuff happens. And we forget that dogs are dogs. Dog bloggers especially, I think. I’m glad Maya is going to be okay. 🙂

  4. 2 Brown Dawgs Says:

    Oh poor Maya. You are nice. I am not sure I would have been so understanding. I agree that it sounds like wrong place wrong time for poor Maya. I get very irritated with dogs who are out, not on lead, and they charge my dogs while we are walking. At least that doesn’t sound exactly like what happened to you. I am glad Maya is recovering.

  5. The Golden Life Says:

    Aw, poor Maya! Glad she was back to her chipper self the next day!

  6. Jan K Says:

    Poor Maya, and poor you, how scary. It would make me so nervous of walking in those same places.
    You have a great attitude about it though, and that can’t be easy. But you are so right that anyone can have a lapse in judgment, and that doesn’t make them a bad pet owner.
    I think a lot of it has to do with their attitude….if they get defensive or are not helpful that could make a difference.

    • Nature by Dawn Says:

      I so agree, Jan, that I would have reacted differently if the owners tried to shrug it off. But they took action, apologized, and took full responsibility. I can’t ask much more than that.

  7. weliveinaflat Says:

    OH poor Maya! I hope she is all better now. And you have recovered your spirits!!

  8. Lindsay Says:

    So thankful it wasn’t any worse. That must’ve been very traumatic for all of you involved during that second attack. Yikes. I’m very thankful my dog has never actually been attacked by another dog. He’s been snapped and lunged at, but the dogs never followed through with a bite. How scary.

  9. 25castleson25clouds Says:

    poor Maya, I hope she is healing and it hasn’t done any damage to hear around dogs. Sounds like the owners were very sensible and it was an accident, which despite what some over prices commercials want you to believe happens and generally isn’t anyone’s fault. Hope you’re ok and not too shaken up?!

  10. Susan C. Willett Says:

    Stuff does happen. I understand that. You do your best, and just the fact that you’re thinking about stuff means you are responsible.

    I hope Maya gets better soon, and I hope you all heal from those encounters.

    Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  11. marina kanavaki Says:

    You are so very very right! A big kiss to sweet Maya!

  12. Jean Walter Says:

    I applaud you of how the situation was handled and how your perspective is in regards to the whole scenario. I, myself, could have lost my temper and start pounding on the owner. Dogs have their natural instinct and it’s just up to us the owners how to take control of the situation. I am not saying that accidents like these are due to the owner’s responsibility but we, as dog owners, should take extreme precautions. I hope that you and Maya are fully recovered now and all the best to you!

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