Dog Attack Again?

Maya on Dog Bed Looks Sad

“Why does everybody want to beat me up?”

I thought the two incidents with Maya being attacked by other dogs were isolated incidents. But it almost happened again and with a different dog! Actually, I should say dogs because there were two. Poor Maya. This time, though, I think I handled it much better for her sake.

The first time Maya was attacked, I froze. I didn’t know what to do. Luckily, the owner came and grabbed her dog and Maya wasn’t injured. The second time was too hectic because I was trying to deal with Pierson. It didn’t occur to me that the dog would turn around and attack Maya when Pierson was out of the picture.

But this third time, everything worked out great. I actually kept the two dogs from reaching her. Here’s what I did:

When I saw the two dogs coming, I stepped in front of Maya to protect her. When the two dogs got close, I stomped my foot and yelled “No!” They slowed down but were still approaching so I hunched down as if I were going to come at them and stamped my foot and yelled again. This time, they stopped. A couple more times and they backed off.

Where was their owner? She was outside with them and was yelling her head off for them to come back. They did not listen to her. I’m not surprised. I doubt Pierson would have either if the situation were reversed.

Last time, I excused the owners of the other dogs. This time, though, it was pure negligence on the owner’s part. She purposely let her dogs outside off a leash and without an enclosure. I felt like I should have said something to her, but as soon as those dogs backed off I got the heck out of there.

How would you have done?

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6 Responses to “Dog Attack Again?”

  1. 25castleson25clouds Says:

    Poor Maya not again- I think there are some dogs that other dogs just seem to pick on! (Mity is one of those dogs) I think I would have done exactly what you did and got the hell out of there. The good thing about Mity is with him being small I can usually pick him up and he is safe but with a large dog and BD then I don’t have that option so I flee! Hope you are both ok!

  2. Ann "Paws" Staub Says:

    Aw poor Maya. That sounds like an awesome way to deal with the situation however. Very brave! I don’t know that Shiner would attack another dog, but she has horrible recall and will not come when called when she’s barking at something. She’s only allowed off leash in our yard when the nursery has closed and the gate is shut.

  3. The Golden Life Says:

    Poor Maya! Poor you! I feel you handled it well. Sometimes – most times – it’s just better to just get away from a bad situation without saying anything. But with my big mouth, I probably would have yelled at the stupid woman to keep her freakin dogs on a leash.

  4. Jan K Says:

    I would have just gotten out of there too. You handled it so well, but I’m sure you were pretty shook up, and who can think straight at a time like that anyway? Hopefully the woman already realized how bad she had screwed up.

  5. Lindsay Says:

    That’s exactly how I handle oncoming dogs that appear like they may be trouble. If the dog seems friendly (and the dog I’m walking is friendly) I sigh and let them say hi. The yelling “no” and moving forward really slows them down, like you said. It’s enough to to relax and regroup. Usually!

  6. 2 Brown Dawgs Says:

    Sorry to read this. I have started carrying a large stick because we get dogs charging us all the time. I would have done like you did and tried to scare them away. Last resort, use stick. A dog fight is bad news.

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