Service Animals – Where’s the Line?

I know I haven’t been blogging lately. I’m doing well, as are Maya and Pierson. I’ve just taken a step back for a while to work on other interests. I’m probably not going to get back into blogging, but you will see me once in a while.

I came across this interested article about service animals. I’m all about having a pet to help with stress. But how much stress does one need to experience in order for their animal to be considered a service animal? I think there are legitimate situations, such as those with PTSD. But some people really push the line. So much so, that it makes things difficult for those with legitimate service animals. And so much so that states are beginning to implement laws to make it tougher for pets to be labeled as service animals. This is a good thing for inhibiting all the impostors out there, but it makes things harder for people with legitimate needs. Check out this article for more – Service Animal Impostors Face Crackdown.

To me, it’s just a given that pets help us reduce stress. So even though Maya and Pierson are absolutely great at helping me deal with stress, I would never consider calling them service animals. If I did want to get then labeled as service animals, it would be surprisingly easy. Seriously. Not only are there ways to do it online for a small fee, I bet I could get my doctor to write me a note. If she won’t, I can just get another doctor! Simple.

What do you all think about this issue? Do you think service animals to help with stress should be defined broadly or narrowly? Do you think those who define it too broadly are impostors? Do you think impostors ruin it for everyone?

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4 Responses to “Service Animals – Where’s the Line?”

  1. peacelovepointers Says:

    I think, like you said, people with PTSD and things like that need service dogs. But the people who don’t need them really shouldn’t try to get their dogs made service dogs. I get it, I mean, I’d love to be able to take my dog everywhere with me, too. And as an introvert, I can say that yes, she does help me to be more sociable, and reduces stress when I’m somewhere with a lot of people. But to try and get her registered/whatever as a service dog when I’m perfectly okay going places without her just wouldn’t be right.

  2. My Golden Life Says:

    I definitely believe the imposters are ruining it for those people who truly need service dogs – like you said, those with PTSD and other disabilities. And, also like you, I would never consider getting Shadow or Ducky certified as a service animal. (Especially Ducky since she her own people-related stress issues, bless her sweet little heart.). Yes, it would be nice to be able to take them everywhere with me; but they are both happier staying home, waiting for me, than having to negotiate crowds and shopping carts.

  3. Joanne Says:

    nice to see you back Dawn ! Yes, I believe it is wrong to try and mis-label a dog as a service dog when strictly not.

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