Learning the Copy Me Command

Dog Pierson Sitting

“Okay, I’m game. But only if I get lots of cookies.”

I know I said I wasn’t going to do much blogging anymore, but I found another great article I wanted to share. Today as I was doing yoga, I recalled a video of a dog who was copying his person and I thought it would be so much fun if I could teach my dogs to copy me. Pierson is already a great candidate since he is intensely interested in me when I do yoga. But I had no idea how to teach him how to copy me, so I googled it. Here is the article I found – “Training ‘Do-As-I-Do’: Fun and Efficient“. The training tips seem simple enough. I’m pretty sure we can do this, so I’m going to give it a try and let you know how it goes.

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2 Responses to “Learning the Copy Me Command”

  1. thatmutt Says:

    That’s interesting! How is this going? I can’t picture Ace caring enough to copy me but I do have him “take a bow” while I do planks since he’s always right there in my bubble!

    • Nature by Dawn Says:

      I haven’t been doing it too much because I had an exam to study for. But surprisingly, Maya is catching on quicker. Pierson is so excited about the treats that he’s not paying attention.

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