My Dog Pierson’s Broken Toe

My Dog Pierson Broke His Toe

Poor Pierson. Look how sad he is. His foot hurts and he doesn’t understand why. He was so intent on chasing those wily squirrels that he only barely noticed when he snagged his toe. I didn’t notice either because he didn’t yelp. I only realized after he came back inside with a limp.

I admit I didn’t take him to the vet right away. I checked his foot over myself and didn’t notice anything extraordinary. I made him rest, though. Then I took him in the next day. They didn’t do x-rays. But the vet felt his feet and found the fracture. Pierson was very brave. He didn’t yelp once. But he did piddle on himself. Poor baby. 😦

There was nothing the vet could do about the fracture except give him some pain meds. I was a bit wary of giving meds because I knew it would mean Pierson would be back to running and chasing bunnies and squirrels, and then possibly aggravating his toe more. But I gave him the meds anyway and only let him out on a leash for the next few days.

The squirrels were thankful for the reprieve. But poor Pierson.

If you ever notice your dog limping, inspect his feet. Look on the skin pads, between the skin pads, the toe nails, and look for any noticeable breaks in the skin. Pay attention to if your dog whines or yelps. This could indicate a sprain or even a break. Pierson didn’t whine or yelp and his fracture was too small for my inexperienced hands to feel. Even though the vet didn’t do anything other than give Pierson meds, it is a good idea to take your dog to the vet to have them check the injuries. In some cases, more can be done. Also, you will have peace of mind in knowing exactly what’s wrong and what, if anything, can be done about it.


*Update* It has been nearly a month since this happened. Pierson’s toe is still a little swollen, but he’s no longer limping. He’s back to chasing bunnies and squirrels every chance he gets. Lesson not learned.

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4 Responses to “My Dog Pierson’s Broken Toe”

  1. My Golden Life Says:

    Aw, poor baby! When Shadow tore her toenail, the cap that the vet put over it barely stayed on long enough to get home. By the time we got back inside the house, it had come off completely. So, rather than try to put it back on, I bought a bag of Epsom salts. Three or four times a day, I soaked her foot in the salts and warm water, wiped it off, and then covered her foot with a baby sock to keep it clean. On rainy days, I covered the sock with a Pawz bootie to also keep it dry. The area around the nail healed in a few days, but it took a few months for the nail to completely grow back.

    And I agree – it is always a good idea to have the vet check an injury, even if only for your own peace of mind. When Shadow strained her CCL, I was scared-to-death that she had torn it because she was limping and acting just like Callie had when she tore hers. The vet examined her thoroughly and said, no, it’s just inflamed. So, we put her on strict leash restrictions for several weeks and she’s been fine ever since.

  2. Rosie Price Says:

    Poor little guy, he looks so sad in the picture. Its crazy how dogs can break the same things as humans. I hope he is healed now or on his way on the mend!

  3. Dog Gear Says:

    Ohhh.. Poor thing.
    Hope he will get batter soon.

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