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Bad Poetry Day – Labradors: The Happiest Dogs in the World

August 17, 2013

Bad Poetry Day Badge

Pierson told his bad poem for the poetry contest yesterday. Today it is Maya’s turn:

Labradors – The Happiest Dogs in the World

As told by my Labrador, Maya

As a Labrador, there isn’t anything that doesn’t make me happy.
Sun, rain, sleet, snow, and when the wind makes things all flappy,
Mud, leaves, sticks, and blades of grass all make me happy.
I really enjoy going outside to play, pee, and take a crappy!

I love going to the park, playing fetch, and swimming a lappy.
Walks, tug-of-war, fetch, and other doggy games are happy.
Even baths and grooming, so long as it’s snappy.
And I dream of more stuff when I take a nappy!

I love my friends, my neighbors, and my mom and pappy.
Vets, groomers, mailmen, and girl scouts who sell ginger snappy.
Other dogs, squirrels, and even the cat I call Crabby Tabby.
I even love my brother Pierson, although he’s quite yappy!

Old socks, fuzzy slippers, and smelly shoes – yep, happy.
From toilet paper rolls, old plastic bottles, and other scrapies,
To doodads, thingamajigs, doohickeys, and other contrapies.
Life’s so great, I want to make my paws go clappies!

OMD! This poem is so sappy!
But yes, I am still happy.

Maya Yellow Ball 2

A happy poem, to be sure, but the writing and the rhyming is kind of crappy, don’t you think? For other fun and crappy dog and cat poems, check out the blog hop link below for the Bad Poetry Day contest being held by Ku from and Oz from

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