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Crazy Month – Fair, Ikea, Motel 6

August 29, 2014

Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while. It has been a crazy month. Here is an update.

Maya’s Birthday
My Maya is now seven years old. Go check out this cute photo of her I posted on my other blog yesterday: Maya’s Birthday

Doctor Who
Sometimes I just don’t feel motivated. I think it is tied to my cycle. I call it depression, but I’m fine for the most part. I just don’t have any energy. Mid-August was like that. I found myself cuddled on the couch with Maya and Pierson three days in a row and watching Doctor Who. It was a great way to spend a depression but I obviously didn’t get much done.

Iowa State Fair
I’m vegetarian now so going to the Iowa State Fair where they display animals that are soon going to be butchered seems a contradiction. I suppose it is, but I heard the Iowa State Fair is one of the biggest in the country and so wanted to see it at least once. Despite the fact that many of the animals will soon become someone’s food, I loved seeing them. The horses are my favorite. The Iowa State Fair also had an art show. There was a ton of different art work of different media and different subjects. As an artist, I loved this part of the fair.

Gorgeous Horse at Iowa State Fair

Isn’t this horse gorgeous? I believe her coloring is called flea-bitten gray.

Cute Kid at Iowa State Fair

This kid at the Iowa State Fair was so cute!

Ikea and Mall of America
A few days after the fair, I went with a friend to the Mall of America in Minnesota. We also went to Ikea, which is across the street. I didn’t buy much there, but I did buy lots of stuff at the Blick Art store, which we happened to drive by on our way to lunch at Good Earth.

Mall of America Me and SpongeBob

Yes, I love SpongeBob SquarePants and so when I saw him at the Mall of America, I had to get my picture taken with him.

Snoopy at Ikea in Minnesota

This was outside Ikea in Minnesota. Yes, I’m copying Emma from MyGBGVlife who always shares these finds. 🙂

Road Trip
The day after that trip, I broke a tooth and went to the dentist. Then the day after that I went to Wichta, Kansas to see a doctor for my fibromyalgia. Maya and Pierson went with me. I don’t like to travel alone and my husband couldn’t go, so Maya and Pierson eagerly agreed to make the boring trip.

Dogs on Road Trip to Kansas 2014

Maya looks like she’s scared of my driving, but she’s actually very excited about the trip.

Motel 6
I opted to stay at a Motel 6 because I knew they didn’t charge much and that they accept my two big dogs without charging extra pet fees. If you want to stay at a nice fancy hotel with all the amenities and free breakfast, Motel 6 is not the place to go. But who needs a fancy motel when you’re mostly going to be out?

Motel 6 August 2014 Maya & Pierson

The dogs and I had a nice comfortable room at Motel 6 in Wichita.

I discovered how great Motel 6 is for us when we got stuck in Oklahoma during a terrible ice storm. This Motel 6 in Wichita on Kellogg Dr. was even better! The bed was so comfortable, the room was clean, the property was quiet, and it even had a mini fridge. But what made it the best was the manager and the staff. The manager, Ron, told me, “Without customer service, I’m just another hotel chain.” So true!

Motel 6 August 2014 Ron and Dogs

Ron the manager of Motel 6 in Wichita was very nice and even posed with Maya and Pierson.

My Mom
You all won’t believe how well my mother is doing. She has terminal brain cancer, but that is not stopping her one bit. A month or so ago, she was in really bad shape. She couldn’t keep food down, she was sleeping 22+ hours a day, one of her hands went numb, she can’t see out of one eye, she started to have uncontrollable ticks, and she was so weak she could no longer walk. My stepdad had to get hospice care in to help.

Now my mom is up out of bed and dancing!!! No more hospice care either. My mom is able to eat again. She says her sleep is back to normal. She still can’t see out of one eye but the ticks are gone. And she can now walk an entire block and back. I so totally can’t believe it! But if anyone can kick brain cancer’s butt, it’s my mom.

One of my sisters lives closest to my mom and has been visiting her often. She gives my mom foot rubs and has been painting her nails. Recently, she did a leopard theme to match my mom’s leopard print robe and my stepdad bought her a leopard print hat to match. (leopard print, not actual leopard fur… no way!)

My Mom Wearing Leopard Print

My mom has always loved leopard print. The only thing missing in this photo is her leopard print slippers.

Well, that’s all for now! How has your month been?

Pierson’s 2nd Gotcha Day

January 10, 2014
Pierson at Pierson Park 1

Stray dog living at Pierson Park in Kansas City, Kansas in December-January 2012.


November 2011, my dearest Sephi crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I still had Maya, but there was still a hole in our lives. At the request of my wise husband, we waited until after the holidays to look for a another dog. I checked and put in applications to a few rescue groups. But it wasn’t until I posted something on Facebook that the perfect dog came along. Some of you may know this story already. But for those of you who do not, read on. 🙂


My husband said he wanted a smart dog. I’m not sure what his definition of a “smart” dog was. My honey doesn’t know much about dogs, so I’m not sure what his expectations were. Sephi wasn’t the brightest bulb on the chandelier, but she wasn’t dumb either. And she was very well behaved. At any rate, I followed his request and began looking at Border Collies, Aussies, and even a Standard Poodle.


Border Collies were my first choice, though, and so I posted a request for information on Facebook. I wanted to know what Border Collies were really like, not just the generalized descriptions you find in breed books or online. I wanted to hear from real people. And that’s when one of my Facebook friends told me about a Border Collie mix that had been living in a park for nearly a month.

Pierson at Pierson Park 2

Luckily, this stray dog had a thick coat and we had yet to have our first winter snow.


I found out more information through a friend of a friend and drove the 40 minutes or so to the park in order to try to catch this dog. He was friendly and let me pet him, but the moment I pulled out the leash he’d run off. It took me three days to catch him, and it wasn’t even me that caught him.


Keep in mind, this was in January. Every day I didn’t catch him, I’d lie awake at night thinking about how cold this poor dog must be. After two days of no luck and no sleep, I was at a loss. But thankfully, within five minutes of arriving at the park on the third day, an old man showed up. He said he had been feeding the dog for about three weeks. He couldn’t catch him either and already had too many dogs of his own, so he didn’t know what else to do other than make sure this dog was fed. And animal control wouldn’t try to catch the dog either. Unless the dog was dangerous, animal control didn’t care. (By the way, if they did care, they would have taken the dog to a high-kill shelter… another reason the old man didn’t do anything more than feed the dog.)


Anyway, the dog walked right up to the old man. The dog still backed off when he saw the leash, so I asked the man to sit in the back seat of my car and try to coax the dog in. It worked. But instead of coaxing the dog in, the old man simply picked him up and put him inside!


The dog was now mine. I named him Pierson after the park, and he has been a beloved member of the family ever since. That day was January 10th, 2012. I estimated him to be about a year old at the time, so today is his 2nd Gotcha Day and his 3rd birthday.


Happy Gotcha Day Pierson!!! You’re the best little fuzzy boy ever and I hope you will be my little fancy pants for the next several years to come. ♥ ♥ ♥

Pierson Rescue Dog

Pierson was nervous on his first day at his new home. He wasn’t quite sure yet what to think of me and my husband or Maya.

Portrait Photo of Pierson Small

I could tell he was young by his shiny white teeth and lack of fully developed boy parts.

Me and Pierson

Pierson was still a little nervous when we had this photo taken in February 2012.

Pierson Playing with Ball 4

The Nobbly Wobbly ball is one of the first dog toys Pierson played with at our house. He has since chewed this ball to pieces.

Maya & Pierson 005

Pierson warmed up to Maya rather quickly.

Maya and Pierson 006

Pierson loves to chase and Maya loves to be chased.

Pierson Sleeping 2

As you can tell, Pierson is quite content in his forever home.

One of the first things Pierson learned at our house was how to sit and wait for dinner.

For more fun videos of Pierson, visit us at

Wordless Wednesday – Celebrating Six Years of Maya Cuteness

August 28, 2013

My Maya turned six at the end of this month! I can’t believe it has been six years already. In some ways, it seems I’ve had her for much longer. As I write this, I feel her warmth as she sleeps on my feet and I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t there. In other ways, it feels like time goes by way too fast. Check out these previous posts about Maya. Then scroll down to get some Maya cuteness.

How I got Maya and what she means to me.
How Maya got her name.
Labradors: The Happiest Dogs in the World, poem inspired by Maya.

Maya Kennel MayasEmptyCup Be Maya Valentine Maya Playing Basketball Maya Swimming Maya Playing in the Pool Maya in a Funny Costume My Dog Maya Attacking a Snowball Maya Yellow Ball 2 Maya Licking Her Lips and Wearing Dress Snow Fun Dec 2012 011 Maya in the Mud

Do you know what Maya would like for her birthday? She’d love to be featured in a calendar. So go visit the blog, HeartLikeADog and vote for Maya. Your vote will enable her to be featured in a calendar. Thanks!

How to vote? Visit the blog and scroll down to about the middle of the page where there is a list. It may be listed in alphabetical order so look for the M’s for Maya. Click the dot by Maya’s name, then scroll down a bit more and click the vote button. You can vote once per 24 hour period, so vote daily!

Go check out a video of her playing like a puppy this morning on our PetAutoSafetyBlog.

For more great pet photos, check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below:

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Happy Birthday Maya Papaya!!!

August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to Maya! She’s wearing a birthday bow from Bow Wow Wow Gifts.

Maya is 5 y ears old today! It was in November of 2007 when I first brought her home, though. I got her from a family who had adopted her just a week before. In fact, I still have her adoption records that name her Dixie. Since Maya was only three months old and had only been called Dixie for a week, I changed her name to Maya. Maya is a better fit, don’t you think?

So if Maya was adopted by someone else, why did they only keep her for a week before giving her to me? The woman who adopted her had two toddlers and an infant. That is a handful for anyone. Add a rambunctious puppy to it and you have absolute mayhem. I’m glad I was given the opportunity to take Maya and glad that Maya didn’t end up getting tied up and ignored in a back yard. But this situation shows that shelters need to make sure pets are a proper fit for a family, and families need to make sure they are ready before they get a dog.

Maya’s first crate. It didn’t take her long to outgrow it.

Potty Training
Maya was a joy but it didn’t take long before she earned the nickname, Trouble, and the saying, “Oh my, oh my, oh Maya”. I was working from home so I had lots of time to spend with her. But Maya was still the most difficult dog to potty train. I’ve had dogs my whole life and never had as much trouble potty training as I did with Maya. In fact, just last month she had an accident. It was my fault since I knew I should have let her outside again after she had played in the sprinkler and drank lots of water. But I forgot and Maya doesn’t tell me when she has to go. She just goes.

Leash Training
Training Maya to walk properly on a leash has also been very difficult. She does well with the stop-n-go method where if she pulls I stop and wait for her to look at me and come back before going forward again. I also gave her treats when she stayed by my side for a length of time. But all that training goes out the window as soon as she sees another person, and especially if she sees another dog. I know how to help her with this issue, but it is not easy getting someone with their dog to help me. Plus, Maya gets used to that dog but will act out with other dogs she doesn’t know.

Not too long ago I had an incident where we stopped walking so I could pick up Maya’s poo. Suddenly, a dog came from around the corner and Maya started pulling and barking. I nearly landed in the poo!

Crate Training and Chewing
While Maya has a couple issues, I never had any trouble crate training her and she never chewed on anything she wasn’t supposed to. How great is that? Crate training was a quiet and easy process. And with all her toys, it never even occurred to her to chew on something like shoes or books.

Overall, Maya is a fantastic dog. She is so lovable and her silly antics make me laugh. I love how I can trust her with children and around other dogs. She is also smart and mostly very well-behaved. Plus she is a great cuddler. Her nose turns brown in winter due to the colder weather (this is normal for yellow Labradors). I love my nosy little brown-noser.

Maya with my young nephew Bennett.

As you can see, Maya is very photogenic. She’s not a working dog, per se. But she does work as a model for pet products for me. She is probably best known on my and websites. Maya loves to model in new dog car harnesses as well as other pet products. Check out these great photos of her below.

Maya has loved snow from the very start.

I know you see Maya tied up in this picture but I want you to know that she was never an outside dogs. When I got Maya, I lived in an apartment complex so when she spent time outside to play or potty, she had to be tied up. She was never left tied up unsupervised. I always went out with her.

Maya wearing her summer-fun dress

Maya Wearing Daisy Diva Design Collar

Maya showing off a handmade collar that has ice-pack inserts to keep her cool in the heat (available on


Maya is wearing her Kurgo Tru-Fit dog car harness.