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Cone Collar for Dogs – Does Your Dog Hate it as much as my Dog?

August 10, 2011
Achilles Wearing a Cone Collar for Dogs

Kitty Radar? No, Cone Collar for Dogs

This is a dog I had some years back.  His name was Achilles and he was a Chow / Shepherd mix.  I felt like I was torturing my dog when he wore his cone collar.  But he had to wear it.  Otherwise, he risked infecting his surgical stitches by licking them.

When I first put the cone collar for dogs on him, he tried to bite at it with no success.  It would have been comical if he wasn’t so obviously annoyed by it.  In order to distract him from his annoyance, I played with him while he wore the cone collar – not too stressful of a play, however, because of his surgery.  I also had him do basic tricks for treats so that he was more interested in paying attention to me and getting his treats than he was in the cone collar.  And I also took him for a walk – the thing he loved most in the world.

I was also careful not to laugh at him unless it was a fun-play laugh.  Dogs can be sensitive to teasing.  Achilles was not as sensitive as some dogs I have had, but he still didn’t like being laughed at.  I could see his shame when he wore the cone collar so I did my best to show him that the cone collar for dogs was not a bad thing.

Although Achilles was annoyed by the cone collar at first, care, compassion, and fun distraction helped him get used to it.  The cone collar for dogs does not have to be a bad experience.  For times when his health and safety are a concern, help your dog wear it without additional stress.