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Introducing Sassy, a Competitor in Crufts

February 28, 2013


Sassy 2

PEJUYN39SY8V Today, the American Dog Blog goes British. What is Crufts? Crufts is a huge dog show in the UK. It is not only a dog show of dog breeds, but also for other types of dog competitions. One competition is for dog agility. And one section of the dog agility is from the Young Kennel Club, which is for dog owners 18 years old and younger. That would be Sassy’s mom, Naarah.

Sassy 4

Here is what Naarah has to say about Sassy’s competition:

“Qualifying for Crufts 2013!!

I have been visiting Crufts for a good couple of years, but I never really thought about me competing there with my own dog!

Ever since agility foundation training, Sas took to agility like a duck to water. I have been so shocked and happy with Sassy. She has done so well as when she qualified me for Crufts she wasn’t even 2 years of age!

She’s such an honest little dog who throws herself at everything. In fact when I was walking the qualifier I noticed that the tier was the first obstacle on a relatively large lead out (I may just add she had never done the tier before as it completely slipped my mind to train it) so as I lead out I thought she would run around it after release. But no she jumped it like she had done it a million times before!

I couldn’t really ask anything else from her that day. She won the qualifier by 6 seconds and it felt like an amazing run.

Every day she makes me smile and makes me so proud to call her mine.

I would also like to add how happy I am that Joanne, her husband and their fantastic company ( are supplying Sassy’s Crufts harness and my very special Crufts fleece!

Not long to go now guys and I am mega excited to be taking Sas. 🙂 I look forward to updating you!”

Sassy Sassy 3

We will have more pictures of Sassy later. Joanne, a friend of mine, brought Sassy to my attention and I think Sassy’s great! She makes me want to do agility training with my dog Pierson. Crufts is a huge deal and I am so glad to know someone who has qualified to compete in it.